#snowcover Big Ant Car Windshield Snow Cover - Ice, Sun, Frost and Wind Proof in All Weather, Multi-used as Outdoors Picnic Mats, Yoga Mat, Tent Sleeping Pad with 77.5" x 27.5"

#snowcover Big Ant Car Windshield Snow Cover - Ice, Sun, Frost and Wind Proof in All Weather, Multi-used as Outdoors Picnic Mats, Yoga Mat, Tent Sleeping Pad with 77.5" x 27.5"

Easy to install. No Instrutions. The picture on Amazon shows that the black side goes on top to keep water, snow, and ice off. The flaps make it easy to install. Hopefully it works as well as it says once the frost gets here.

 Waterproof and Extra thickness design.Scraping ice off the windshield car cover for snow, clear away snow and frost after heavy snow in the second day morning
Resistant to rain, frost, snow, UV rays, dust - can be used as snow shield cover in winter and windshield visor sunshade in summer as well, keep leaves on the cover in autumn, block dust in spring to make your car in good condition
Easy to use and remove. Rapid installation of snow guard windshield cover with 2 flaps, just be caught within the car door, also prevent wind blowing, thief matters - these are luxury automotive accessories to have in bad weather
Multipurpose in your daily life. Easily carry with bag rolling a windshield protector, fit for outdoors table mats, yoga mat, tent sleeping pad, baby crawling mat and pets sitting car mat in your car
Fire retardant materials, environmental green fabric, durable with stretch resistant

You still feel upset when seeing car windowshield with heavy snow?

Using auto windshield snow shade, never scrape a frozen windshield every morning!

Save Time And Money

You will never need to stay long time outside of the car, stretching out with scraper to reach every corner of you windshield.

All-seasons Windshield Cover

Fits most Cars and SUVs. Snow and ice in winter, frost and dust in spring, sun UV rays in summer and leaves in autumn. So perfect fit!

Easily installation

Just cover your window and take 2 flaps to keep in the car door, double stitched door flaps ensure a secure fit that won't tear or come loose. Never take up space.

Multifunctional item with easily carry design

Outdoors good helper! Family dine together, using this as a dinner mat. Seeing the sunrise, keep warm in your tent as a sleep mat. Also, when taking your pet outdoors, keep this cover as a sitting mat in your car.

How to use:

Step 1 Take out this cover from the bag

Step 2 Remove your wiper blade

Step 3 Simply put the cover on your front windshield; keep the side doors slightly ajar

Step 4 Tuck the ear ends into your front doors

Step 5 Close the doors to lock it into place

Step 6 Put the wiper blade back

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