#jestikinc Lume Lighting LED Solar Camping Light

#jestikinc Lume Lighting LED Solar Camping Light

This solar camping light is perfect for a few hours at night, hanging from the top of your tent with the door and windows closed (So bugs can't get in), when you need to get up to go to the bathroom, get ready for bed, maybe play cards, or for moments with your spouse where you need to see what your doing. There's a little RED Led by the charging port, so you know when it's charging. Requires 12 hours to charge in the sun.

I received this item for free, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

 SOLAR POWERED LIGHT. Solar power is being used a lot nowadays. It is a very good source of energy because it is renewable and it uses sunlight which is absolutely free. You just need to have solar panels to capture the energy and voila you have instant power. The folding solar panel has three solar panels that harness the power from the sunlight and stored for use at night time. This light is very environmentally friendly as there is no waste of energy from nature.
CONVENIENT PORTABLE LIGHT. When we think of solar panels we immediately think of big and tacky equipment. It would surprise many of us that there are portable solar powered light products that you can easily set up. It is made up of three folding solar panels that you can unfold when using and then fold back after using for packing up and storage. The dimension when open is only 10" length by 10" width and 1"height and when folded is 6" length by 6" width and 2"height.
AN EMERGENCY SURVIVAL KIT. You'll never know when you will encounter an emergency at home or outdoors especially when driving a vehicle. This Folding Solar lantern is very helpful in case of emergency at night. It can be used as a roadside emergency light and has a flashing emergency mode. In case of unannounced power interruption at home, the folding solar lantern will come in handy. It is important to make sure that it is always charged so it is can be used for emergency anytime.
IDEAL OUTDOOR COMPANION. This Folding Solar lantern is great for outdoor use. It comes with a built in hanging hook that you can hang on tents, picnic table or tree. It can easily fit it in your back when folded that makes it convenient to bring everywhere and it is also lightweight. It is perfect for backpacking and camping. The LED lantern has high output plus it is rainproof!
A SOLAR LIGHT THAT LAST. The folding solar lantern has three solar panels and super bright white LEDs. There are three settings available that you can choose from, the low mode with 50 lumens, high mode with 100 lumens and the flashing emergency mode. Charging time is 12 hours when using direct sunlight or 4 hours when using USB cable. It has a built-in smart protection that prevents it from overcharging. Get this solar camping light and up your night! TODAY- CLICK ADD TO CART NOW!

At this time and age, the advances in science and technology has made it possible to harness power from the sun. Solar power is energy that is converted to electrical or thermal. People have become more environmentally conscious and solar power is being utilized at industrial buildings and at home. There are new solar powered product available in the market like this folding solar panel.

This folding solar panel is a solar powered light that features three folding solar panels. It is very convenient and provides portable light whenever and wherever you need it. You just need to charge it and the charging time is 12 hours when using direct sunlight or 4 hours when using USB cable. You also done have to worry about over charging as it comes with a built-in smart protection that prevents it from overcharging.

It has a super bright white LED light that delivers up to 4 hours of continuous light on low and 2 hours on high. It is very easy to operate with just one touch. You can choose from the three settings available, the low mode with 50 lumens, high mode with 100 lumens and the flashing emergency mode. And speaking of emergencies, this light comes very handy. It can be positioned to stand on its side which you can use as a roadside emergency light. Also at home during power outage you can use it on its side and place it on a table.

Since the folding solar panel is lightweight and compact it easily fits your bag, backpack or glove compartment. You can bring it anywhere when doing outdoor activities such as camping or boating. It is the ideal companion for an outdoor adventure. It also has a built in hook that you can hang on a tree, tent or picnic tables. The LED light has high output light and it is rainproof so you do not have to think twice about exposing it to the different outdoor elements.

Get this solar camping light that charges by day and lights up your night TODAY- CLICK ADD TO CART NOW! 

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