#daveocean33 Dave Ocean33 99R GRAND FATHER Of Safety Razor's Stainless Steel Heavy Weight Butterfly Door Classic Barber Pole Handle 5 Superb Razor Blades 1 Premium Leather Pouch

 #daveocean33 Dave Ocean33 99R GRAND FATHER Of Safety Razor's Stainless Steel Heavy Weight Butterfly Door Classic Barber Pole Handle 5 Superb Razor Blades 1 Premium Leather Pouch https://www.amazon.com//dp/B01IB2A184/ref=sr_&keywords=parker+99r+safety+razor
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This was my first time using a Razor of any kind, other than an electric shaver. I did research so I wouldn't cut myself, and I discovered that this is one of the fanciest, idiot proof, safety razors on the market. I was still a little scared to use it the first time. I had no nicks, cuts, or scratches from this razor, and now I'm confident to use it. The butterfly option makes changing blades and cleaning very easy. It has plenty of weight to it. Some may prefer a longer handle.

    ( NEW RELEASE )THE SMOOTHEST SHAVE OF YOUR LIFE: There's a reason that some designs stay timeless; others because they're simply too beautiful to fade away, and others because they're both stunning and incomparably efficient at what they do. Dave Ocean33's ORBIT safety razor falls into the latter category; combines heavy weight and a 99R Barber Pole for better handling and a beautiful, practical Butterfly design. All these elements come down to providing one thing: The Perfect Manly Shave
    BONUS PROTECTION: We Added Stainless Steel To Replace The Brass Alloy , Better For Your Skin - Wont Chip Off Like The Older Edition's - Every fine shaving accessory needs proper care. That's why with each classic razor, you get a bonus leather pouch to keep your razor blades rust free and also protect the butterfly doors when not in use or when you travel + with every set, you also get a pack of 5 Safety Razor Blades so that you can immediately enjoy the perfect shave.
    NICK-FREE SHAVING: Our premium Orbit 99R double edged safety razor features a new Micro Guard Slant that makes for a completely nick-free shave. This makes it ideal for both beginner wet shavers that are on the lookout for the ideal gateway to a classic shaving method and for experienced butterfly safety razor users who need a dependable and high quality shaving tool.
    SAY GOODBYE TO CLOGGED RAZORS: One of the simply most annoying and time consuming things when it comes to shaving, is clogged razors. The special design of our butterfly razor will provide you with an effortless and frustration-free shaving experience as it does not clog and always stays smooth and efficient on your every move. We guarantee that once you try our razor, you won't go back to any standard single-edge, multi-blade gimmick razors ever again
    THE PERFECT GIFT: Our razor can be appreciated by all bearded men who need a high quality shaving tool as well as all women who need a dependable, smooth and efficient razor for their bodies. Combining practicality, impeccable style and maximum efficiency with an unbeatable price, you simply can't go wrong

Twist-to-Open ("Butterfly Open") design for easy blade replacement!

Dave Ocean33 now offers you the safety razor supreme, that features the timeless and highly practical butterfly design that will deliver the perfect shave, every time.

Unmatched Quality

This premium, heavy weight safety razor sports a long, 99R type Barber Pole that is a version of the crowd-favorite and solid Parker 98R design.

The handle is engraved to provide you with the perfect grip and the butterfly-opening design allows for easy blade replacement. Simply twist the bottom knob to open the doors of the razor head.

Plus, this timeless butterfly design that is favored by professional barbershops around the world, will never clog and along with the Micro Guard Slang will grant you a smooth, effortless shave, free of frustration, burns and nicks.

Furthermore, the razor is nickel plated for maximum durability and is ideal for heavy duty, daily use.

Perfect For All Shavers

Our double edged safety razor is of medium aggressiveness and can perfectly suit both experienced and novice shavers alike.

The efficiency of our razor also makes it ideal for women that are on the lookout for the ideal razor for their legs and body.

The Budget-Conscious Luxury

Finding a consistent and dependable razor can be a long and costly journey. Our razor combines the luxury and quality of a barbershop-level shave with an unbeatable price.

Simply put, for a modest investment you get unmatched value; a kind of combination that you won't find anywhere else.

& Turn Your Average Shaving Into A Luxury Treatment
Made in India

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