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Proving The God of the Bible is Real - Proving The Old Testament - Proving The Earth Is Young

The following is put together by Justin-Chad:Breithaupt in order to help answer any questions anyone might have about proving that the God of the Bible is real and active today, or that the Old Testament is correct and valid, or whatever proof might be needed so that everyone who reads this will be without excuse. PART 1: Atheists have no Evidence to support their claim that "there is no God" or that "Nothing Exists outside of this reality", or whatever statement an Atheist might make. In any Debate there is a requirement that if one is to Claim something such as "Jesus the God of the Bible is Real and what the Bible says He is", then the one arguing this claim must have facts to back up their claim. In the same way an Atheist must also have evidence to support their claim that "There is no God". Rather than coming up with any evidence to support the claim that "There is no God", atheists only attack the claims and facts Chri