#ONMEMagneticWhiteboardDryEraserSet ONME 8 Pcs Magnetic Whiteboard Dry Eraser Set for Dry Erase Pens and Markers for Cleaning White Boards at Home Office & School

#ONMEMagneticWhiteboardDryEraserSet ONME 8 Pcs Magnetic Whiteboard Dry Eraser Set for Dry Erase Pens and Markers for Cleaning White Boards at Home Office & School

These Dry Erasers are compact, foam, erasers with felt on the bottom. They should float in water. The variety of color should help keep track of them. They may require a little elbow grease to get some marks off. They smell like they just came from the factory. MADE IN CHINA

I received this item for free, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

 SUPER PREMIUM 8 PCS - 4 different lovely colors; Red、Blue、Yellow & Green 2 PCS each color. 4.2*2.4*0.8Inch; Perfect for those little hands and all dry erase boards.
TOP QUALITY MATERIAL - Eco friendly, non-toxic, no bad smell. Clean any large or small board easily, no need for sprays or cleaners.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Have a soft comfort grip. Ergonomic edges make a comfortable feel. Felt bottom surface easily removes all dry erase ink from any dry erase board, lightweight and long lasting.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE - Works well with all popular whiteboard brands and sticks to all magnetic metal steel surface, BUT NOT for glass surface board; Delivers effective performance when planning and organization is needed. Suitable for home, office, school, game room or any other places. Great help for managers, teachers, students and kids. Perfect for presentation, drawing, education and score counting.
SATISFACTION QUARANTEED - Special offer for limited supply. Time to save money !! Satisfaction or your money back, totally RISK FREE. Choosing ONME magnetic whiteboard dry erasers means protection for your investment ! Just buy with confidence now !

About the product,

Set of 8 PCS ,Red、Blue、Yellow & Green Each have 2PCS.
Perfect Size - exact size of the eraser is 4.2 x 2.4 x 0.8 inches.
Strong magnets - sticks to all magnetic whiteboards, refrigerators, calendar boards, kids dry erase boards, bulletin and planning boards.
Multifunctionality - works well with all popular whiteboard brands. Clean your white boards in the office, on your desk, in the school and classroom, kitchen fridge, at home.
Best quality material - clean any large or small board easily, no need for sprays or cleaners. Eco friendly, non-toxic, no smell.
The products are designed to stimulate the mind, foster creativity and are the best available. 

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