#DrySnugs Microfiber Towels: One Extra-Large and One Large Beach Towel - Travel Towels Good for Sports, Gym, and More - Camping Towels That Fold Small and Dry Quick - Luxury Beach Towels

#DrySnugs DrySnugs Microfiber Towels: One Extra-Large and One Large Beach Towel - Travel Towels Good for Sports, Gym, and More - Camping Towels That Fold Small and Dry Quick - Luxury Beach Towels

These are perfect for traveling, and camping. They fold up super small, and the Large one is just as big as the large towels I use at home. They are very soft and feel warm. The Medium one could probably be used as a small blanket. I will be using these on my camping trips !!!

I received this item for free, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

 FOLD UP SMALL, DRY QUICK: At 48x24" and 68x30" and weighing in at 5.3 and 8.25oz respectively, these oversized beach towels dry 10x faster than normal terrycloth towels and hold up to 4x their weight in water while folding up incredibly compact for travel or storage.
SUPER SNUG AND SUPER LIGHT: At 6x5" and 7x5" fully compacted, these make the ultimate travel towels no matter the occasion. Throw them in the backpack for your next camping trip; toss them in your gym bag for a luxurious dry-off after a hard workout.
NO SCRUBBING NECESSARY: These camping towels literally suck the water from your body; no need to rub yourself down like you would with a typical towel. You'll be amazed at how quickly you dry. Then either hang these towels on a hook or set them in the sun and they'll be ready again in a few hours.
MADE FROM 100% PREMIUM MICROFIBER: The secret to their amazing properties, their microfiber construction is how these towels can be so sumptuously soft and dry so fast while folding up tight enough to go anywhere you do. Could these be your next Florida beach towel?
GUARANTEED QUALITY: At TravelSnugs, we work hard to bring you products that will stand up to whatever life throws at them. If you're not 100% satisfied with your microfiber towels, just return them for a prompt refund or replacement. Order this travel towel pack today!

Towels: The Next Generation

Aren't you sick of the same, old, ponderous cotton bath towels?

You know, the kind that fill up half your closet and take an eternity to dry after use?

Or how about those tiny towels you're forced to travel with because anything nicer simply won't fit in your bag?

Your problems are solved with these luxurious quick-dry towels from TravelSnugs.

DrySnugs are made from 100% microfiber, which means they're feather soft, super compact and dry incredibly quickly; no need to choose one or the other.

Folds Smaller, Dries Faster: DrySnugs dry a whopping 10x faster than a typical towel, and they can absorb 4x their weight in water. Plus, they pack 5x smaller than ordinary towels. When you try them for yourself, you'll quickly realize that these numbers are no exaggeration.

Just Right For All Occasions: While these are designed to keep you dry and comfy on the go, many people simply use them every time they need a towel - bath, beach, gym, yoga, you name it. They're big and soft, and they dry you (and themselves) very quickly. What's not to like?

The Specs: Here's how they shake out:

    Large Towel: Compacted: 6 in X 5 in (5.5 oz); Full-Size: 48 in X 24 in (5.3 oz)
    Extra-Large Towel: Compacted: 7 in' X 5 in (8.5 oz); Full-Size: 48 in X 24 in (5.3 oz)

As you can see, they fold up to about the size of a healthy burrito.

You'll Be Happy - Guaranteed: We fully stand behind our products for their quality and longevity. If you ever have a problem, just contact us for a prompt refund or replacement as necessary.

Isn't It Time You Tried The Next Generation In Comfortable, Durable Towels That Travel As Well As You Do?

Order your DrySnugs today; you'll never go back to cotton!

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