#UsbChargerStation Supreme 5 Port USB Smart Charger By FREEWISE Small Compact Easily Portable Strong Power Cable Ideal For iPad iPhone Android Smartphones Cameras MP3 MP4 Devices User Manual

 #UsbChargerStation Supreme 5 Port USB Smart Charger By FREEWISE Small Compact Easily Portable Strong Power Cable Ideal For iPad iPhone Android Smartphones Cameras MP3 MP4 Devices User Manual Included https://amzn.com/B01F4SAZKM

I haven't had any problems with this charger. It works with everything so far. Not quite 2.4 Amps on every port if you use them all. The most stable charger I've used so far.

    SUPER INTELLIGENT USB CHARGER WITH THE STRONGEST POWER CABLE: Get now the most intelligent and strongest USB charger on the market, which detects every device you might plug in automatically. It will offer you top speed results at any charging device. Thanks to its power cable AWG18 extreme charging speeds will be achieved. Save yourself some money and time with our 5 port USB charger.
    STYLISH DESIGN & PORTABLE USB CHARGER: Don’t you simply hate ugly and bulky USB chargers which cover up a lot of space in your living room? Forget all these, with our white or black multiple USB charger that is small and powerful. Its compact design makes it easy for you to carry it around either in your own house or while traveling! Pretty amazing, right?
    ULTRA POWERFUL CHARGER WITH GREAT OUTPUT CURRENT: FREEWISE has designed this 5 port USB charger station to pump out 40 watts of power which enable simultaneous multi-device charging. Also, the total output current is up to 8A and each single USB interface output current goes up to 2,4A. Great speed for fast and furious multiple charging!
    TOTALLY SAFE TO USE / CE & FCC CERTIFIED: Our smart USB charger bears a multiple protection system and UL certification that will ensure smooth and complete protection for you and your devices. Rest assured about that! Supreme protection against over voltage, over current, leakage, short circuiting and voltage instabilities so as your precious devices stay protected all the time!
    SUITABLE TO VARIOUS DEVICES WITH USER MANUAL: Our 5 port USB charger was made that way so as to satisfy even the most demanding needs. It is suitable with iPhones, and iPads, as well as all Android phones, like Samsung, HTC, Nexus, Nokia and LG. Do you want more? It can charge your digital camera in a heartbeat and your MP3 and MP4 players on the spot. Simply, take a look at the manual and let’s get started!

Product Description

The Ultimate 5 Port USB Charger That Will Transform Charging Into A Racing Game!

Are you ready for the fastest and most reliable charging of your life? Buckle up, it抯 going to be a fast charging ride ladies and gentlemen!

We proudly present you the super 5 port USB charger that will change your charging style and pace once and for all, since it offers supreme speeds and ultra protected charging.

Benefit From The Most Powerful Cable And Enjoy Charging At Highler Levels

Do you hate slow USB chargers that consume a lot of power and your precious time? So do we, that is why our charger is equipped with a top notch power cord 5ft (150cm) long!

Besides the quick charging process, the protection of you and your devices is guaranteed.

FREEWISE has its customers as a top priority that is why its chargers go through exhaustive tests to meet the official standards. All our chargers are CE /FCC / ROHS certificated so as to feel protected every time you plug in a device.

Finally A Portable USB Charger So Reliable & Eco Friendly That Will Become Your Best Buddy

Take it everywhere you go and surprise the crowds. Take it to work and charge all of your colleagues?smartphones. Is it a Samsung Galaxy, a Nexus, a Nokia Lumia or an LG? It will support them all.Great for PSP and Bluetooth charging as well!

Carry it with you at college, plug it and help your mates charge their iPhones or cameras during lectures! Amazing, right?

Should you feel displeased with our product, feel free to return it (within 3 months) after the purchase and get your money back. It comes with 1 year warranty!

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Product Information
Product Dimensions     3.6 x 1 x 2.3 inches
Item Weight     4.8 ounces
Shipping Weight     7.2 ounces

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