LifeStraw Portable Water Filter FREE shipping Camping Survival Pure Drink Prepper SHTF Filtration

 LifeStraw Portable Water Filter FREE shipping Camping Survival Pure Drink Prepper SHTF Filtration

This is so simple and easy to use. I didn't even have to prepare it, I just stuck it in the water and started drinking. Way easier than any other filter system I've ever used. These are famous all over the world. Africa, Asia... Anywhere there is dirty water. GET YOURS BEFORE YOU NEED IT !!!

LifeStraw is a personal water filter that ensures no matter where you go, you will have instant access to safe drinking water

Perfect for hunting, hiking, and fishing!

You can drink directly from lakes, rivers, or your water bottle. Simply put the lower part of the straw in the water, and sip through the other end. After drinking, blow back into it to clear the filter.

LifeStraw filters over 264 gallons (1,000 liters) to 0.2 microns, which removes dangerous bacteria and protozoa. The removal rate exceeds EPA standards for water filtration.

The technology behind this portable water filtration system has been featured on CNN, Fast Company, BBC, Time, and the New York Times. LifeStraw is also Time Magazine invention of the year, 2005, Saatchi & Saatchi Award for World Changing Ideas, 2008, Well-Tech 2006 Innovation Technology Award, "Gadgets for Disaster Zones" BBC May, 2011.

Features & Benefits

    Filters 264 gallons (1,000 liters) to 0.2 microns
    Removes 99.99999% of waterborne bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction)
    Removes 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites (>LOG 3 reduction)
    Portable water filtration; very lightweight 2 oz (57grams)
    Easy to use, contains no chemicals, and has no moving parts.
    Used in the harshest conditions in developing countries since 2005.
    1 year manufacturer's warranty

LifeStraw removes bacteria, including: Escherichia coli, Campylobacter, Vibrio cholerae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Shigella Salmonella

LifeStraw removes protozoa, including: Giardia lamblia ("Beaver Fever"), Cryptosporidium Parvum, Entamoeba histolytica.

The LifeStraw does not filter heavy metals or viruses, and will not desalinate water.


    When filter is dry, prime by uncapping both ends and standing your LifeStraw up in water for 10 seconds. Then take 5 quick sucks from the mouthpiece to pull water through.
    Regularly blow through your Lifestraw after drinking to keep the filter clean and prevent clogging. Cleaning filter membrane by sucking clean water in, and blowing out. Store with caps open so filter drys out.

Saftey Instructions: Do not use LifeStraw if visible damage is noted. Do not attempt to replace damaged or missing parts.

Caution: This product must not be used by children without the supervision of an adult. Lifestraw cannot guarantee the quality of the water filtered through its portable filtration system under conditions other then those described in the Use and Car Manual. See Use and Car Manual before use.


Length: 8.75 inches

Width: 1 inch

Weight: 2 ounces

Construction: durable plastic. Does not require replacement parts or batteries, or any chemicals.

Included: Comes with a lanyard, and a cap for the mouth piece and end piece

    Ultralight: weighs only 2 ounces (57 grams)
    Meets US EPA drinking water standards
    Portable: only 9” (22.5 cm) long and 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter
    Requires no electrical power, batteries or replacement parts
    BPA free and contains no chemicals
    Raw materials meet US Food and Drug Administration regulations and standards
    No aftertaste: LifeStraw doesn’t use iodine or iodinated resin chemicals
    Removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, including E. coli and salmonella
    Removes 99.9% waterborne protozoa, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium

Sciacca Lifestraw Colorado

"I've used the lifestraw portable water filter many times as have my kids. I sent them each to college with a survival pack or course and they always contain a couple lifestraws.  This summer my daughter had a chance to use hers a couple times.  Once while hiking the  the Eldorado canyon in Boulder Colorado.  That time she used it just for the fun of using the lifestraw.  A couple weeks ago she was hiking with three friends and sadly two of them failed to bring their own water.  It wasn't a life and death situation but she had her pack with her and was able to keep everyone well hydrated and hopefully her friends learned a bit that day."

Tom Sciacca
President and founder of CampingSurvival

What is LifeStraw?

LifeStraw is a portable water filter that effectively removes all bacteria and parasites responsible for causing common diarrhoeal diseases. LifeStraw requires no electrical power or spare parts and can be carried around for easy access to safe and clean water.

Which micro-organisms does LifeStraw filter?

LifeStraw effectively removes minimum 99.99999% of waterborne bacteria and removes minimum 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites.

How is LifeStraw used?

1. Place LifeStraw in water and sip through the mouthpiece.

2. Regularly blow through LifeStraw after drinking to keep the filters clean and to prevent them from clogging.

Does LifeStraw filter heavy metals like arsenic, iron and fluoride?

No, the present version does not filter any of the heavy metals, fluoride, or chlorine.

What effect does LifeStraw have on salt water? Does it make saline water potable?

LifeStraw does not make saline water potable; however, it still removes the bacteria and protozoa from the salty water.

What effect does LifeStraw have on turbid water?

LifeStraw does not remove complete turbidity from water; however, it removes the bacteria and parasites as well as undissolved particles down to the finest microns. If you need to consume turbid water, use LifeStraw to drink only from the surface i.e. the top layer. Excessive intake of turbid water would clog the filters and therefore regular backwashing would be required.

What must one do if my LifeStraw gets blocked?

At regular intervals, it is recommended to do 'backwashing' that can be done by blowing out some air through the LifeStraw. This will clean the pre-filters of whatever sand, silt and debris that might have got deposited in the textile filters.

What is the shelf life of LifeStraw?

This product has been researched, and it has been determined that there is no shelf life on the Lifestraw unopened.

What happens if LifeStraw is used beyond 1000 litres or one year?

LifeStraw has been tested for its efficacy beyond 1000 litres and it still retains considerable efficacy on the bacteria and protozoa. However, drinking water beyond 1000 litres is not recommended.

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