#coziii CamShield WebCam Cover | Pack of 10 - Silver | Reusable, Safe, and Secure | 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

#coziii CamShield WebCam Cover | Pack of 10 - Silver | Reusable, Safe, and Secure | 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE https://amzn.com/B01L6FY5XK

These decals / stickers are transparent, blurring my camera but not blocking it. It probably would have worked better if I had the optional custom logos printed on them, that the included card talks about. They don't have adhesive, instead they stick with moisture. You can re-use them, and put them back on the card. They look grey on the card, but they look clear on my camera.

 TOP QUALITY: High quality webcam covers, the best design on the market. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, let us know. Your 100% SATISFACTION IS OUR GUARANTEE
PROTECTS YOUR PRIVACY: Covers your phone or computer webcam when not in use and prevents webcam hackers from spying on you. Sticks right on and peels right off when you need to use your webcam. REUSABLE, SAFE, AND SECURE
FITS ON MOST DEVICES: Can be used to cover most webcams and mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Android, Samsung, LG, and other magnetized devices
EXTREMELY THIN AND DURABLE: Measuring only 0.1mm thick, this will not stop you from being able to close your laptop like other webcam covers. It easily attaches, removes, and reattaches using a patented adhesive. It can be removed if needed but will stay on strong through use after use
REUSABLE, SAFE, SECURE: Unlike other similar products that leave residue and falls off, CamShield products are reusable, safe, and secure. For the thousands of times you can reuse this product, you will completely understand how great it is. If this product ever loses its adhesiveness, simply rub with water and let dry. Ready to USE and REUSE

Our Story
After trying various brands and styles of webcam covers, we wanted to find a web camera cover that was reusable, safe and secure-and didn't leave residue. We searched for a while until we finally found something that met our quality standards. We found webcam covers that ripped with the slightest pull, not thin enough to let your computer close, left residue and could only really be used once or twice.

And that's how CamShield was born! Our product is engineered and designed with quality and practical use in mind. It has a protective wax coating to help maintain quality and quality adhesive for repeated use. The CamShield WebCam Cover provides a high quality safe, secure privacy shield for repeated use.

Introducing: CamShield WebCam Covers

Long Lasting
Made of high quality material with wax protective coating
Thinner and better quality than other web camera covers, which means your computer, phone or tablet won't be blocked by the CamShield WebCam Cover
More secure and private than most other webcam covers, which slip or fall and don't really work after a few uses

Product is easy to use. Simply peel each WebCam Cover from the adhesive and use. You won't have to struggle to peel, adhere or reuse any CamShielf product
Use and Reuse. If the CamShield WebCam Cover ever loses its ability to adhere, simply wet, rub and let dry for another hundred or thousand uses

Size: One size fits all but for those who like technical details, 0.4" (height) x -0.4in (width)
Color: Silver
Quantity: 10 pack - 10 CamShield WebCam Covers

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