Pocket Cloth Diapers All in One Design Adjustable Size 2 Pack 2 Built-in Inserts 2 Extra Inserts 14.90

Pocket Cloth Diapers All in One Design Adjustable Size 2 Pack 2 Built-in Inserts 2 Extra Inserts 14.90 http://amzn.to/2fjpJp3

About the product
All in One Design Cloth Diapers, Built-in Inserts, With a Pocket Opening and a Snap to Attach an Extra Insert.
Gentle Leg Elastic Contraction Design And Updated Thicker and Bigger Inserts Creates Superior Leak Protection.
3*3 Rows of Adjustable Snaps to Allow for Adjusting Small/Medium/Large Size in One Diaper. Lasts From Birth to Potty Learning(8-37+lbs).
Reusable, Washable, Antibacterial,Breathable---- High-Quality TPU Shell and Super Water Absorption Inserts.
Keep Your Baby Feeling Dry, Soft and Comfy.

Product Description

All-in-one design cloth diaper is an ideal alternative
to disposable one, which could save money. Built-
in the insert is made of the softest and most absorbent
Together with the waterproof outer cover,
these cloth diapers can increase absorbency, at the
same time, give baby the most comfortable

Each side of the diaper has three rows of snaps
which can adjust to the size of small, middle
and large.
There are also three rows of snaps in the front that
can adjust the height, perfectly fitted to the baby.
These diapers are suitable for newborns to potty l
earning toddlers, roughly from 8 pounds all the way
up to 35 pounds. So there is no need to stock and
store multiple size diapers.

Pocket diaper allows to attaching an extra insert,

giving you a peace of mind about leaking, especially

at night. It is very easy to use. The pocket is on the

upper side of the diaper, just needing to insert the

exact inserts and adjust snaps. It is compatible with

other brands’inserts.

Leg and waist elastic help to avoid pees or solids

from spilling out the sides and keep the moisture

inside. The absorbent fabric gives the comfortable

feeling to the babies and protecting them from

having rash. Washable and reusable material makes

it possible to use over and over, cost-effectively and

protect the environment.
Product information
Color: Diapers-2
Technical Details
Item Weight 3.5 ounces
Product Dimensions 8 x 6.8 x 2 inches
UPC 759218803483
Material Type microfiber
Number of items 4
Batteries required No
Additional Information

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