QiPillow Pain Relieving Ergonomic and Orthopedic Back Lumbar and Posture Support Sitting Cushion for Chair, Couch, Bed Versatile, Firm and Adjustable Orthopedic Seat Throw Pillow BodyRyzm LifeSciences

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About the product
OUTSTANDING EFFECTIVENESS - according to a 3rd party clinical study conducted in Arizona, USA, the orthopedic sitting pillow QiPillow showed improvement of 91% of people suffering from back pain, reducing back stiffness, pain or fatigue.
VERSATILE – this ergonomic & orthopedic lumbar support sit pillow helps reduce stress, tension and pain in the back. Moreover, your sitting posture and comfort shall be improved by using the light-weight QiPillow orthopedic lumbar back support pillow wherever you sit: at work, home, in cars and on airplanes.
ADJUSTABLE - the QiPillow orthopedic seat cushion is instantly customizable to suit any user’s body, seat and comfort, and is a perfect ergonomic solution for chair, couch & bed sitting (it can also be used as an ergonomic office chair pillow).
FIRM YET GENTLE - unlike ordinary orthopedic back support cushions, back orthopedic pillows and back orthopedic supports, the pain relieving QiPillow orthopedic back comfort & posture support cushion never collapses under body weight, and never loses its level of support no matter how firm or soft you set it, even after prolonged period of sitting.
EASY-TO-USE - Anyone can use, adjust and enjoy this firm ergonomic orthopedic sitting pillow. By the way, this orthopedic back support pillow for sitting is equipped with a detachable and washable premium microfiber suede cover.

Product description
Size:18" X 18"  |  Color:Camel
Did you know that studies have shown that:

most lower back pain is caused by physical stress and tension in the back due to poor sitting posture?
your back is being damaged at least 80% of the time when you sit in a chair, couch, or bed for more than 20 minutes without a proper back support?
poor sitting posture is a leading cause for lower back pain?
Imagine you have an effective solution to help you quickly and easily reduce the stress, tension and pain in your lower back while sitting. Look no further. Qi Best Orthopedic Pillow is the world’s only clinically-proven back relieving throw pillow support for chairs, sofas, couches and beds.

This orthopedic cushion back support pillow for sitting, is designed to offer medical-grade back support. Its luxurious and neutral design and colorway will add elegance to any home environment.

Unlike any other conventional sofa pillows, QiPillow orthopedic lumbar support sitting pillow instantly fits to your body shape, and will never collapse under body weight as it is extremely durable.

Moreover, this orthopedic cushion seat effectively helps improve spinal alignment, relieve back stiffness, back pain and back fatigue as well as helps users upgrade their chairs, sofas, couches, and beds instantly. Imagine you can achieve a $5,000 value result with a tiny investment of only $60. With QiPillow, your do exactly this. You upgrade to an ergonomic comfort of a $5,000 couch or bed with a tiny investment of only $60.

Why not grab it now. Your body deserves not to be hurt by your sitting. Remember, this only one of its kind inflatable orthopedic sitting pillow helped 9 of 10 back pain sufferers reduce their lower back stress, pain, and fatigue.

Order a pair of QiPillows today to help upgrade your seating for yourself and your loved one!

Product details
Size: 18" X 18" | Color: Camel
Product Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 3 inches
Shipping Weight: 1 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
UPC: 859724001226
Item model number: COMINHKR062546

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