TSA Approved Luggage Lock (Black) - 3 Dial Combination Lock - Small & Lightweight Lock Cable - Great for Various Sizes & Types of Zippers - Reliable Protection Against Opening

 TSA Approved Luggage Lock (Black) - 3 Dial Combination Lock - Small & Lightweight Lock Cable - Great for Various Sizes & Types of Zippers - Reliable Protection Against Opening http://a.co/hH4g9Gl

This TSA approved lock is great for holding things together, and keeping the TSA from stealing your stuff; however This lock can be shimmed, and there is a key hole in the bottom. I'm assuming the TSA has a key for this hey hole. In order to secure this lock, you may need to put glue or epoxy in the key hole. To reset the code there is a button to push on the bottom, next to the key hole.

 - HIGH QUALITY PERFORMANCE – the lock case and cable are made of special zinc alloy, which allows to achieve extra durability and lightness at the same time; Small and lightweight lock cable attached to various sizes and types of zippers, as well as to zippers which do not have any lock latches, without affecting the weight of the luggage; Such locks are comfortable to use for hand luggage which is used by several people; This way there is no need to pass the keys, it is enough to say the code
- 100% TSA APPROVED LUGGAGE LOCKS – every effective system that guarantees the protection of your luggage from damage during various inspections; The lock has a hole for a universal master key which a customs officer or a transport company worker has; Due to this, if needed, a can be opened without breaking and deformation, and afterwards closed back; The personal code which you have set by yourself will not change and you can go on using it
- RELIABLE PROTECTION AGAINST OPENING – the main advantage of our B&B luggage lock is the inability to open it using traditional ways; The combination luggage lock is considered to be one of the most reliable locks and compares favorably with the mechanical one; To open it one would need to guess the code, and it is not so easy; Wherever you are, in the gym, in the swimming pool, in the shopping mall or on a trip your things will be fully intact
- 3 DIAL COMBINATION LOCK – is very easy to use and will not cause you any trouble; The luggage lock has a dial tumbler, the numbers on which are initially set for 0-0-0; You will easily be able to enter a new individual 3 dial combination for the security of the contents of the luggage; Don’t forget to write the combination down into a safe place and enjoy using your suitcase
- ZERO RISK – money back guarantee; We believe that you will get pleasure from your safe traveling with our B&B luggage lock, but if you're not happy, we'll refund all your money within one month

Product Description

Do you remember your feelings when expecting luggage? "Is my suitcase all right? Is everything in its place? Is anything missing?".


Get rid of your worries with the assistance of our B&B luggage lock, which will protect your luggage from thieves, as well as protect from damage during various inspections!

Our B&B Luggage Locks has a number of features and benefits:
- High operational characteristics have been achieved due to the lock case and cable made of environmentally safe zinc alloy.
- The special flexible coating of the lock cable does not damage the luggage.
-Reliable combination lock (three dial combination). More than 1000 possible combinations will allow you to protect your suitcase from burglary.
- The luggage lock is equipped with TSA, thus it can be opened with a universal master key which customs officers use to examine your luggage when needed.
- Using this travel sentry approved lock allows looking through the contents of the luggage without messing up the combination during the inspection.
- Possible to reprogram.

Technical specifications:
Material: The case – zinc alloy, cable – zinc alloy covered with flexible vinyl.
Luggage lock color: black.
Size: 3,93 X 1,22 X 0,51 inch, cable diameter: 0,11 inch.

Our LUGGAGE LOCK is specifically designed for those people who often go on business trips as well as for those who like travelling comfortably and calmly without any worries about their luggage.


Product Information
Technical Details
Brand Name     BB Bags&Backpacks
Item Weight     2.9 ounces
Product Dimensions     5.1 x 3.1 x 0.7 inches
Color     Black
Manufacturer Part Number     BLL168942

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