#headset Bass HD Gaming Headset By El Perfecto Gaming Padded Stereo Headphones EL2020 Hot USB 3.5MM LED Lighting Surround Gaming Headset Headband with Mic for PC Smartphone Mac Laptop or Xbox PS Transfer

 #headset Bass HD Gaming Headset By El Perfecto Gaming Padded Stereo Headphones EL2020 Hot USB 3.5MM LED Lighting Surround Gaming Headset Headband with Mic for PC Smartphone Mac Laptop or Xbox PS Transfer http://a.co/53yTFUf

I've never seen anything like these. The USB powers Red glowing lights, that light up your cheeks, but don't get in my eyes. They use analog plugs for mic and sound. The sound is clear. Not too much of anything in the way of bass. They sound clear and great for gaming. They look cool too. The way the lights hit your face, is as if there was some lights around you in a cockpit.

 • TOP OF THE LINE GAMING HEADPHONE: The EL PERFECTO BASS HD GAMING HEADSET offers incredible surround sound with deep bass while using for gaming or listening to music; the iron man stereo ear element design of the Model PC Seven Eight Zero Headphone comes with a remote control for microphone and volume control, red with black leather ear pads with LED lighting, USB cord, and user manual;
• BEST BASS SOUND AND MIC: With the gaming player specifically in mind, the EL PERFECTO BASS HD GAMING HEADSET delivers clear sound, deep bass, and noise canceling features for a real-game sensation; the omnidirectional microphone is flexible for exact positioning and has high-quality sensitivity for distinguishing sounds, so your partner can easily hear words spoken;
• TECHNICAL BENEFITS: The EL PERFECTO BASS HD GAMING HEADSET works with laptops, Macs, computers, and some smartphones directly; also through transfer, it works with Xbox One or Three-Sixty, PS Three, PS Four; comes with remote controlled volume control and microphone, large speaker diameter and loudspeaker thickness, and wiring that is PU environmentally protected and OFC oxygen-free plus an over seven-foot USB matching colored cord;
• COMFORTABLE, SECURE FIT: With an all inclusive ear design and Kiara leather ear pads, the EL PERFECTO BASS HD GAMING HEADSET is adjustable and secure when put on your head and rests comfortably on the ears; its premium soft, smooth leather padding makes it able to be worn for hours without fatigue or pain caused to the head and ears;
• SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: The manufacturer offers a one year warranty, so we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase; if there are any questions or concerns for any reason, please contact us immediately; EL PERFECTO only sells the EL PERFECTO products; this is our brand; BUY RISK-FREE WITH CONFIDENCE the EL PERFECTO BASS HD GAMING HEADSET today

 Product Description

Looking for a top-of-the-line Gaming Headset that will last?


The perfect way to feel the sound during gaming or listening to music.


DEEP BASS IN HD - Feel the rumbles, shock waves, & surround sound
UNIVERSAL USE –Works with laptops, Macs, computers, and some Smartphones plus directly through transferring works with Xbox PS
KIARA LEATHER PADS - So comfortable you will forget you are wearing them
OPTIONAL LED LIGHTS – Choice of LED RED lights built into the set
ADDED FEATURES – Remote Control Buttons for Mic & Volume Control + 3.5mm USB cord

The EL PERFECTO PC780 GAMING HEADSET gives a clear, vivid sound with sound shock feeling. Its padded inclusive ear pads are comfortable for long time wear.


Headset response value: 20-20KHz
Speaker diameter: 40mm
Loudspeaker thickness: 13 mu
Sensitivity: 96dB
Impedance: 32 ohm
Frequency range: 20-20KHz
Mic Directivity:360 degrees
LED working voltage: DC5V +/- 5%
Wire: environmental protected PU
Copper: OFC oxygen-free
Cable length: Approx. 2.2m (7.22ft)
Headphone size: Approx. 18.5x10.5x20.5cm (7.3x4.1x8.1in)

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - 1 YEAR WARRANTY - Contact us if any issues.

Click the ADD TO CART button & order your EL PERFECTO BASS HD GAMING HEADSET – Play your games with GUSTO!

It is the perfect gift for the gamer.

Product Information
Product Dimensions     8.2 x 7.7 x 3.6 inches
Item Weight     13.8 ounces
Shipping Weight     13.8 ounces
Manufacturer     EL PERFECTO

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