#AYLSpeakers SoundFit Plus Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

#AYLSpeakers AYL Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker https://amzn.com/B01DZJ7CBW

This is the most amazing Bluetooth Speaker I've ever tried. I submerged it fully In a bucket of water, while it was playing on full volume, and it just kept playing. It feels like a brick, and it has a camera mount on the bottom to secure it in place. There was no distortion no matter how high I cranked it up. It's the most durable Bluetooth Speaker I've tested. I don't think you could run it over with a car, because of the screen covering the speakers, but I could probably throw it a long distance, let it bounce off the ground, and it would probably still keep working until it got out of range of my Bluetooth, if I could throw it that far. Definitely worth the price. When I put it in the bucket, it also tried to float. It didn't sink. It says your not suppose to submerge it in water, but it also says Waterproof, so I had to try it. Make sure to keep the charging port / audio input port sealed !!! This would make a great gift, and is a must have, especially for anyone who loves the outdoors.

I received this product free/discounted. I am giving an honest and unbiased review.

AYL SoundFit Plus Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - Durable Outdoor Sound System - Features Powerful Bass and Clear Treble - Hands-Free Functionality with Built-In Microphone - Dust and Shock Resistant

POWERFULLY ENHANCED SOUND – SoundFit Plus outdoor speakers offer deeper, thumping bass lines and crisp treble for premium hi-fi playback. With Dual Driver 10 Watts of Intense power, you’ll experience intense sound at home or on the go.

SMART BLUETOOTH FUNCTIONALITY – Pair your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, mobile device, tablet or other smartphone in seconds. Listen to music, take hands-free phone calls or enjoy NPR radio in pure stereo sound.

ADVENTURE READY – A truly durable speaker ready for the great outdoors, the SoundFit Plus is IP65, dust proof, water proof, and shock proof, so you can attach it to your mountain bike with the included speaker mount and never miss a beat.

EXTENDED PORTABILITY & PLAYBACK – Fully charge, the SoundFit Plus portable speaker offers up to 8 hours of uninterrupted playing time. And thanks to its blazing fast rechargeable battery, your on-the-go downtime is very minimal.

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