Spy Hidden Camera ZDMYING WiFi Smoke Detector Camera, HD1080 Motion Detection Loop Recording Remotel

Spy Hidden Camera WiFi Smoke Detector Camera https://amzn.to/2TOfZCj
This Hidden Spy Camera in a Smoke Detector sends updates every time it detects motion. I see a picture of anyone coming in and out of my home. It also records video constantly, or only on motion detection. The LEDs you see are great for night vision. You do need to schedule times for night vision, because night vision is not automatic, as there is no light sensor. You can charge it's internal battery, or keep it plugged in. It does take one 32GB MicroSD Card. Great for letting you know if your children or the elderly are going outside. You can also watch the recorded footage and pictures rmotely on your phone, via the app. Android supported. I believe iOS is also supported. 

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