Universal Fit Breathable Car Cover PEVA 3XXL Outdoor Waterproof Sun UV Snow Rain Dust Resistant Fits up to 208 inches Blue 40.99

Universal Fit Breathable Car Cover PEVA 3XXL Outdoor Waterproof Sun UV Snow Rain Dust Resistant Fits up to 208 inches Blue 40.99 http://amzn.to/2iAh3v7

This fits like a glove. You just open it and install it. The mirrors go towards the front. I put mine on backwards by mistake. I love these with the orange reflective patches in all the right places, and the straps underneath. They are very tough and fit very well.

Size:L:208.60" x W:72.80" x H:62.99"(Please measure your car's size before buying the cover.)
Will protect against paint fade, sun's UV rays, smog, dust, and wind.
Stitched seams for cover durability, it can protect the surface of car from being scratched.
Cover protects from environmental pollutants like tree sap and bird droppings.
This car cover is specially manufactured to prevent your car from scratches and sunlight.

Product information
Technical Details

Item Weight 7.2 pounds
Product Dimensions 208.6 x 63 x 72.8 inches
Manufacturer Part Number C03-05-x1y
Folding No

Product Description
All Weather Universal Fit Full Breathable Waterproof PEVA Outdoor Dark Blue Car Cover

PEVA Outside:100% Breathable.

Specially designed for all weather proof defend against dust,rain,ice,UV rays,and more

Scratchproof Lining Inside:Thick soft fabric won't scratch paint and shields against scratches and nicks.

Ajustable Clip-in Grommets:windproof clip-in grommets positioned in front, rear respectively

Eastic hem with durable double stitching, designed to wrap tightly around your car for added security.

Attached Reflective Warning Band increase safety for street parking at night

Storage bag is included.
It is easy to carry.


1.Color: Blue
2.Materials: Outside: PEVA / Inside: Ultra Thick soft cotton
3.Length (ft.): 17.38*6.07*5.25ft
5.Where to use Outdoor (Street parking as well) & Indoor
Package included:
1 x car cover
1 x storage bag
This material is light and strong,specially designed to anti high temperature in summer.It can be used in winter for ice and snow protection as well


L:185.04" x W:70.86" x H:62.99"

Fit for:
Audi - A6 A6L A7 A8 A8L S7 S8 ;
Acura - RL TL RLX ;
BMW - 5 Series GT,6 Series Sedan,7 Series ;
Buick - Lacrosse Park-Avenue ;
Bentley - Continental ;
Cadillac - SLS Seville XTS ;
Chrysler - 300C ;
Honda - Crosstour ;
Hyundai - Equus Genesis ;
Infiniti - M ;
Jaguar - XF XJ ;
Kia - Cadenza ;
Lexus - LS ;
Mercedes-Benz - E Class , S Class , CL600 , CLS ;
Tesla - S ;
Volkswagen - Phaeton
Temperature Reduction
It can make your car to keep in a cool state. Make you driving life more comfortable, safer and healthier.

Strong,no deformation under the strength
Anti UV lights,anti wrinkle

The High Quality Car Cover are made from top quality PEVA and Ultra Thick soft cotton, strong and durable, protecting your car against weather influence, industrial pollutants, tree sap and bird droppings. Breathable material, recommended for light UV conditions

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