Micnaron Electric Bug Zapper Pest Repeller Control-Strongest Indoor 2800 V 6000ft² UV Lamp Flying Fly Insect Killer Mosquitoes Flies Killer Repellent Traps Eliminator Catcher lure Zap kills Mosquito 32.99

Micnaron Electric Bug Zapper Pest Repeller Control-Strongest Indoor 2800 V 6000ft² UV Lamp Flying Fly Insect Killer Mosquitoes Flies Killer Repellent Traps Eliminator Catcher lure Zap kills Mosquito 32.99 http://amzn.to/2viz4Ea

The large lights attract the bugs very well. The electric rods cover one side of the bulbs, and the protector screen is on both sides. Each component of the zapper has a specific wire color. Red for the zapper, blue for one light, and brown for the other. You can easily hang it up wit the included mounting equipment, and hooks on top of the zapper. The switch works well, and it plugs in easily. When you turn off the zapper and unplug it to clean it, it may still be charged, so make sure to discharge it before reaching inside. The Lights appear to be Purple.

EFFICIENT INSECT ALLUREMENT & ERADICATION: Powerful new generation Insect killer lures bugs, flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects into the trap and slaughter the annoying winged insects immediately. No Worries and Enjoying your life! BUY MORE SAVE MORE.
EFFECTIVE & LARGE AREA COVERAGE: with 365nm weavelength and 2800v ultraviolet bulbs, the bug zappers are designed to be STRONGEST fatal temptation to flying creatures with coverage of 6,000 sq. Feet.
CHEMICAL FREE, HEALTH CHOICE: No harmful chemical and odor spary anymore. Micnaron pest control machine saves your lung and respiratory tract from toxic insecticide and pesticide. SAFE AND SOUND.
EASY SETUP & MAINTENANCE FREE: You could simply place it on the table or just hanging it on the wall and keep them out of pets or children reaching; All the dead insects are collected in a removable tray which is very easy to clean.
SPECIFICATIONS-For INDOOR Environment or DRY Outdoor Occasions. Perfect for home, bedroom, hotel, restaurant, kitchens, hotel, basement, enclosed garage, café ect.

Product description


Health Helper and Money Saver with long lifespan!

How Does it Work?

This indoor pest control device is designed to lure flies, mosquitoes and other annoying insect pests to the grid where they will be immediately zapped.

With two ultraviolet bulbs which are especially designed to attract flying insects. A protective guard prevents people and pets from accidentally touching the grid.

It Features with:

· Most Powerful 2800V/20W UV Insect -Control light

· 6000 ft² Effective & large area coverage

· Removal, Washable insect-collecting tray for easy maintenance

· Chemical Free, Eco-friendly

· Safe Grid Avoids accidental touthing.

· Detachable Chain for wall mounting, keep it from pet and children.

· Ideal for all indoor use: Protects and prevents against annoying and disease carrying flies and insects!

No need to spread any harmful chemicals, the electronic fly zapper kills all insects without any chemicals

Product information
Package Dimensions 15.7 x 11.4 x 3.9 inches
Item Weight 3.2 pounds
Shipping Weight 3.2 pounds
Manufacturer Micnaron

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