Hydration Bladder By U’Be 2 Liter Water Reservoir For Hiking Backpacking Cycling And Camping Nontoxic Running Biking Hydration Pack With Insulated Tube And Shutoff Valve 9.99

Hydration Bladder By U'Be 2 Liter Water Reservoir For Hiking Backpacking Cycling And Camping Nontoxic Running Biking Hydration Pack With Insulated Tube And Shutoff Valve $9.99


I've always wanted one of these. This is to go inside a backpack or other holder. It's easy to assemble and works right away. The valve at the end of the straw works perfectly. No leaks. Just unscrew the top, fill it up, and you're ready to go. I had to rinse mine out with soap and water. The included storage bag is perfect to keep it in good condition. Should fit into any backpack.

70oz (2L) OF DRINKABLE WATER: Going for a hike, a bike ride or camping? Then don't forget to install the hydration bladder on your backpack! Thanks to its large capacity, you can have 70oz of clean, drinkable water always with you. You can take a sip from the soft mouthpiece whenever you feel thirsty, or you can use it to wash dishes, equipment or even to shower! The water reservoir bladder is unbelievably practical, so you should definitely add it to your outdoor gear.

100% SAFE MATERIAL: U'Be designs the best quality hydration water bladder using the safest materials. You can fill the hydration bladder bag with water and drink it without any fears! The BPA free material has been tested and it's been certified to meet all safety standards. The material of the water bladder pack has no odor or taste and it prevents the formation of mold or bacteria.

DURABLE AND ANTI-LEAK: This hydration running pack is built to last. It is unbelievably durable, so you will never have to replace it! It has a strong airtight cover that opens and closes very easily, and a soft anti-microbial bite valve mouthpiece with a cap that keeps it clean and away from dust. The whole hydration water reservoir is insulated and built with rip-stop materials, and the covers have an anti-leak design so that your backpack will always stay clean and dry!

HASSLE-FREE CLEANING: Every once in a while, you'll have to clean the interior part of the hydration bladder so that the water will always be drinkable. Don't panic! The cleaning procedure is a piece of cake, thanks to the smart design of the water bladder bag! The inner surfaces of the water reservoir pack are easily accessible, and the tube is detachable so that you can clean it with more ease. For your convenience, we have added the cleaning instructions on the water pack!

FOR COLD OR WARM WATER: You can use the practical hydration bladder to store both cold and warm water. For warm water, the procedure is easy. If you're outdoors, simply leave it in the sun for a while to let the water in the hydration pack get warmer. If, however, you want to have cold water in your backpack for a long time, all you have to do is fill the water reservoir with ice cubes. Thanks to the big cover, you won't have any trouble fitting the ice cubes in the hydration bag!

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Product description
If You Love Outdoor Adventures, This Is The Gear You Need!

Do you love hiking, backpacking, camping and other similar outdoor activities? Then you know that
one thing you need to carry with you when you do such activities is water. Lots of water. 
But you don't have to carry large bottles in your backpack that makes the water boil way too soon
and occupy too much space. 

You can now carry 2 whole liters of fresh water in your backpack with the hydration bladder. 
And the best part? You won't even have to take it out of there in order to have a sip! 

U'Be Has Designed The Best Hydration Bladder On The Market

What's not to praise about the U'Be water pack bladder? It's made of durable BPA free
neoprene that is 100% food grade, antibacterial and safe. 
The hydration water reservoir has a large screw cover, a soft mouthpiece, and a detachable tube,
that has been built with a smart anti-leak technology. 
Your backpack will remain dry and clean, and the water of the hydration bladder will always be fresh, 
tasteless, odorless and safe to be drunk even by kids! 

The Multiple Uses Of The U'Be Hydration Bladder

Do you need cold water? 
The preparation is unbelievably easy and quick. 
Unscrew the large, airtight cover and fill the reservoir with water and ice cubes. You’ll
then have refreshing, cool water to drink when you feel thirsty. 

Order the Backpack with confidence! 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If for any reason the Hydration Bladder doesn't meet your standards, 
just send it back for a replacement or for a full refund. 

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