#sumpri #pocket #Chain #Saw #Fire #starter #Hiking Camping Gear Pocket Chainsaw Fire Starter Kit 36 Inch Compact Hand Saw Magnesium Spark Fire Rod Best For Survival Emergency Equipment, Wood Tree Cutting Tools Folding Set By SUMPRI

#sumpri #pocket #Chain #Saw #Fire #starter #Hiking Camping Gear Pocket Chainsaw Fire Starter Kit 36 Inch Compact Hand Saw Magnesium Spark Fire Rod Best For Survival Emergency Equipment, Wood Tree Cutting Tools Folding Set By SUMPRI http://a.co/fQ9sqgu

Works perfectly. It's nice to know you have a simple saw that will work when you need it. Cuts threw wood like butter. Works with one or two people.

 GET BOTH HIGHEST RATED POCKET CAMPING GEAR PRODUCTS ON AMAZON NOW! YOU CAN'T GO WRONG! CREATE YOUR OUTDOOR FIRE OR CUT DOWN BRANCH AND TREES ANYWHERE, IN ANY SITUATION - SUMPRI pocket chainsaw will cut through wood with ease and reduce the amount of time and effort that you need in cutting down a branches. Perfect for Boy Scouts, Bug Out Bag and Emergency Gear. Use it also to clear mountain bike / ATV trails or when off-roading.
NEW SUPERIOR DESIGN FEATURING A LONGER 36 INCH, BI DIRACTIONAL, SELF CLEANING CHAINSAW - Extremely light weight, versatile, flexible and compact - can cut a 3" limb in less than 10 seconds! Made of high strength super strong heat treated steel. The longer chain equals incredibly fast cutting time with razor sharp blades sawing 3 sides of a thick limb at once clearly outclassing the competition!
THE PERFECT GIFT WITH A MULTITUDE OF USES - Ideal for hiking, camping, emergencies or simple yard work whenever you need to cut down a branch. You can also extend the handles with rope to reach high limb.
BONUS ALL WEATHER MAGNESIUM FIRE STARTER - Comes with a convenient and compact belt loop pouch to store your chainsaw and an all weather Fire Starter with its own unique casing. Will work in the rain or cold, fireproof, water-resistant and shatterproof. The Fire Starter contains everything you need to get a fire going, Perfect for your Bushcraft needs.
FREE 30 DAYS 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTE - We fully stand behind our Top Rated Saw! If you are not satisfied after using our fast cutting saw, SUMPRI offers a full 100% Money Back Guarantee! Nicely packaged to make an atractive, super usfull, fun camping gear set.

 Product description


Your search for the best Pocket Chainsaw is over:


• Has extra length, super sharp and can cut down a 12" trunk in about 3 minutes.

• Made from high carbon steel -formulated for provide good wear resistance and hardness.

• Bi Directional Blades – Cuts when pushed and pulled.

• Compact, lightweight and fits in your pocket!

• Essential Tool for Survival, Camping, Emergencies, Yard Work, and More.

Why Choose SUMPRI Marshmallow Roasting Sticks?

Its vacation time and your exited to have that camping trip with your friends and family. Weight and space are always an issue and you plan to make a camp fire but want to make it in any place and know you have the tools to do it with!

How about getting the right product that will always give you these possibilities – anywhere, in any weather!

Using SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw & Fire Starter Kit means you will always have all the tools to make a campfire and really enjoy the outdoors!

Your kids will love it as many people report this to be an extremely exiting family experience cutting your own fire wood and using the fire starter to light a campfire in any location under any weather.

You Can't Go Wrong With This One – SUMPRI Pocket Chainsaw & Fire Starter Survival Kit is clearly the best choice with Risk Free-Full 100% money back 30 day guarantee.

Click The Yellow Add To Cart Button At The Top Of This Page And Grab Yours Now!
Product information
Product Dimensions 5.7 x 4.7 x 1.6 inches
Item Weight 12 ounces
Shipping Weight 12 ounces

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