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The Cutest Magnetic Whiteboard Dry Eraser Set Ever by Lovellio Two Different Prints To Choose From Loyal Dog & Adorable Cat Buy one and GET 30% OFF Lovellio’s Charming dry erase calendar

 The Cutest Magnetic Whiteboard Dry Eraser Set Ever by Lovellio Two Different Prints To Choose From Loyal Dog & Adorable Cat Buy one and GET 30% OFF Lovellio’s Charming dry erase calendar http://a.co/8TrFoZa

Amazingly Cute. Great for small hands. They stick to each other very well due to the magnets.

 ✳️ THE PERFECT GIFT SET – buy this 12 erasers pack and save 30% on our adorable Dry Erase Cute Dogs Calendar. See below under: “Special Offers and Product Promotions”
✳️ ENJOY YOUR NEW FUN PET FRIENDS: Who wants plain boring stationary when you can have cute animal prints on them? Throw away all your old whiteboard erasers and make erasing your whiteboard so much more fun for both you and your children!
✳️ A GREAT GIFT FOR EVERYBODY: Instead of a usual gift that lacks imagination, you can offer these amazing magnetic whiteboard erasers to almost anyone. It’s an amazing present for your toddler or a way to make your spouse’s work more interesting!
✳️ EASY TO USE & HAND WASHABLE: Our magnetic whiteboard erasers were designed for your convenience and are extremely easy to use; you just swipe gently across the board. And when they need cleaning, just clean them with warm water and soap!
✳️ SUPERIOR QUALITY * CONSTRUCTION: When it comes to our magnetic board erasers, we, at Lovellio, use nothing but superior materials and modern production processes, so that we can be certain they meet the high standards of our customers - yours!

 Product Description

Presenting The Most Cute & Funny Whiteboard Erasers With Cat And Dog Prints By Lovellio!

Do you want a sweet and funny whiteboard eraser that will make you smile every time you use it?

Are you looking for a practical, fun, yet affordable present for your children or your loved one?

If yes, then look no further! Lovellio’s amazing whiteboard erasers are just what you’re looking for!

Two Exciting Prints For You To Choose From!

What’s it gonna be? The lovely friendly dog design or the innocent adorable kitten one?

If you ask us, we suggest you order both, of course – so you can switch every few days and maximize the fun!

We guarantee you that your work will become more breezy, once you start using them – and your children will find a new favorite game!

Ideal Size & Superior Magnet Quality

Our magnetic erasers, apart from being super cute, are also ideally sized.

Measuring approximately 2x2 inches, they are perfectly suitable for you to carry them in your bag, pencil case, briefcase, purse or even in your jean’s pockets!

They are also constructed by non-toxic materials and are extremely eco-friendly. Their magnet is of highest end quality, which allows you to stick them on metal whiteboards,

filing cabinets, magnetic calendars, refrigerators or any other metallic object you can think of!

The Most Practical Present For Your Loved Ones!

We know you will love our amazing magnetic whiteboard erasers once you get your hands on them – but don’t keep them just for you!

Offer them to your daughter, your wife and even your mother-in-law, to give them a huge smile!

What Are You Waiting For?

Place Your Order Now For Your Order Now For Lovellio’s Premium Quality Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser – Before Our Supplies Run Out!

Product Information
Technical Details
Brand Name     Lovellio
Item Weight     4 ounces
Product Dimensions     4.7 x 2 x 4.1 inches
Color     Dog
Manufacturer Part Number     ER1

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