#JASTEK_Cable Multi USB Charging Cables -White Review Amazon

Not only is this Multi Charging cable small, and portable, but it is easily able to charge multiple devices at the same time. You can hang it from your pants, backpack, or strap. I am easily able to charge one of my cameras, my phone, and Bluetooth speaker at the same time. If I had an iPhone I would be able to charge those devices as well. The box slides out, and may also be used to store this Charging Cable as well. There are no troubles with the connectors, no giggling or tweaking required. Works in any position. It's a great product for the price. If your out in a social area, you should be able to charge other people's devices as well, increasing your social status. It doesn't feel cheap, but seems to be well constructed.  #JASTEK_Cable  I will have a full product review video on my YouTube channel, as well as a blog post.


The Multi Charger cables only for charing,not for data sync;
√ Multi USB Charging Cable with USB Type-C cable,total cable length:15cm;
√ Color:White; Multi USE Cable with a Clip Buckle Design,easy for your hold;
√ 6 Mulit Cables including: 1x USB A Cable + 2x Micro USB Cables +1x Mini Cable +1x USB C Cable +1x 8pin cable(not MFI certificated);
√ Multi Cable WARRANTY:One Year Replacement Warranty.All the phones and tablets in the listing photo not included;

Universal use multi charging 6 in 1 cables;
Compatible with all the following:1. For apple 5/6series;2. Mini USB supported Devices as digital cameras/camcorders, hard drives,etc.3. Micro USB supported Devices as most smartphones,etc.4. New USB Type C 3.1 port supported devices.

What is Type-C?
USB Type-C (24 pins) — the tiny, superfast connector;USB Type-C supports USB 3.1 for dramatic speed benefits and power transfer, in a shape that is only marginally larger than micro USB and, perhaps best of all, is reversible.
The USB Type-C standard will become more prevalent across smartphones, tablets and laptops over the next few years, so regardless of whether you take the plunge on one of those new laptops, you will probably have a USB Type-C device soon. More Type-C supported device will follow.

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