Fugetek Solar motion sensor light, 38 LEDS #FugetekSolarmotionlight

Solar Motion Sensor Light, Fugetek FT-38L Super Bright 38 LED, Genuine LG Rechargeable Batteries, Solar Powered Wireless Weather-proof Motion Activated Solar Energy Home Office Security Light (Black) #FugetekSolarmotionlight

This outdoor solar motion light is the largest, and brightest one I've tried. After seeing it once, my family wants to buy several more for their home as well. Make sure to press and hold the button for at least 3 seconds, after letting it charge first, and then you should be good to go. No stick on adhesives with this one. It has two screws, and a guide to make sure you get the holes spaced properly. This light makes other solar rechargeable lights look puny in comparison, and the ones on TV only have 4 LEDs. I have a surveillance system to keep my home secure, and by adding this light, I was able to see people walking in total darkness at night.

I was given this item for free, in exchange for an honest review.

    2017 EARLY NEW RELEASE. WIRELESS ELECTRICITY FREE SOLAR LIGHT. Easy, Fast, Installation. Fully Solar Motion, Powered By 2 LG Rechargeable Solar Lighting Batteries.
    CAN CHARGE IN ANY OUTSIDE WEATHER CONDITION. #1 Rated Genuine LG Lithium Batteries, 6 Hour Charging Time Using Direct Sunlight Exposure. Best Solar Motion Sensor Night Light. Can be used as Yard Lamp or Spotlight Lamp.
    PROVIDES MOTION OR CONTINUOUS LIGHT ANYWHERE THE SUN IS. Security Light For Driveways, Pathways, Garages, Sheds, All Can Be Lit Up. 500 Lumen Brightness, 0.2 W Solar LED.
    3 LIGHTING MODES. INDUSTRY HIGH 38 SUPER BRIGHT LED'S. More Than A Comparable Everbrite Solar Motion Light. Durable Yet Lightweight, Anyone Can Install.
    WIDE RANGE OF OUTDOOR LIGHTING COVERAGE. Sensing Distance: 15-30 Feet. Sensing Range: 120 Degrees. Sleek Design For No Debris Buildup, Feel Safe Anywhere Light Is Needed.

Technical Details
Color: Black


Product Description
Color: Black
The Fugetek Motion Sensor Light Will Make You Feel Safe and Secure.

Now you have the ability to produce light anywhere outside, without the need for wiring or electricity.
The new FT-38L Motion Sensor Light can be installed anywhere and is fully solar powered.

With 2 genuine LG rechargeable lithium batteries, the unit can last for years without losing charging ability.
Most competitors cannot make that claim.

- Rapid 6 hour charging in any weather conditions
- 3 Modes of lighting. Soft Light / Motion, Motion Detection Only, Continuous Light
- Streamlined design for no debris buildup
- Durable casing and battery protection from elements
- 500 Lumens of brightness

Solar Panel Power: 5.5v 2.5 watts
Output Power: 3.2v / 4 watts
Battery: Lithium Battery 3.7v 4400 mAh
LED: 0.2w 60ma /28LM / SMD2385 * 38PCS
Luminous Flux: 500 LM, PIR Sensing Angle: 120 degrees
Sensing Distance: Sensing Range 15-30 feet
Key Features: The feature mode will change each time you press the button, it will cycle through all modes. After sensor detection; the light turns on for 10 seconds.
If the sensor is reactivated during that time, the light will stay on for 10 more seconds.
Light Sensor Function Control: Solar panels will turn off when there is light. The button key has no effect. The solar panel light only operates when there is no light.
Sensing mode operation current: 3.8v 1400 mA
Soft Lighting Mode Current: 3.8 v 30 mA
Normal Mode Operation Current: 3.8 v 400mA
Charging Time: 6 hours with exposure to direct sunlight
WaterProof Rating: IP65

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