#bogomagnetictools Magnetic Pickup Tool Set - Telescoping Magnet with LED, 6 Inch Magnetic Tray and Telescopic Mirror Set by bogo Brands

#bogomagnetictools Magnetic Pickup Tool Set - Telescoping Magnet with LED, 6 Inch Magnetic Tray and Telescopic Mirror Set by bogo Brands

This Magnetic Pickup Tool Set is great, because it has a light in the end of the main magnet, making it easier to see what your picking up. I don't know why it has a laser, but the flashlight and second magnet are helpful. The packaging was difficult to open. The magnetic plate is good for keeping the extra batteries, and it's very powerful when it comes to holding screws. The mirror should make it to where you don't have to do things by feel if you don't want to. Over all the kit looks very professional, and well made.

I received this item for free, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

PICK UP TOOL - Retrieve metal items in dark and small places with the bright LED lighted magnet pick up tool
IMPROVE VISIBILITY - With the 360 degree mirror that is 2 inches in diameter and on a telescoping rod
SECURE SMALL ITEMS - With the 6 inch diameter magnetic bowl you can securely hold nuts and bolts and more
LIGHT UP TIGHT SPACES - With the flexible neck LED light, you'll be able to see in dark spaces with ease
TELESCOPING FEATURES - LED pick-up tool has 8 lb capacity and telescopes from 10 in to over 30 in.

Product Description
4 Piece Magnetic Pickup Tool Set by bogo Brands

The 4 piece magnetic pick up tool set by bogo Brands includes a super bright LED ligted magnetic pick-up tool for retrieving lost or dropped metal items from small or deep places. Darkness is no longer a factor with the built in LED light. In addition it includes a 2 inch diameter mirror for looking around corners and curves as well as a smaller flexible neck LED light and a 6 inch round bowl for collecting and securing small metal items.

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