Easy@Home Digital Thermometer, Best All-In-One Digital Thermometer I've used. #EZHome_EMT_026

This Thermometer Is an amazing Product. It's the most flexible one that I've ever seen. It's one button function is so easy to use. 10-20 seconds is way faster than any reading I've ever done before. Easy to use right out of the box, with the battery already installed. The color codes on the side make it fast and easy to know if you have a fever. I've never seen an all in one thermometer that's this easy to use. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing.

I was sent this product for free, to give an honest and fair review. It's my own opinion.

Easy@Home Digital Thermometer for Oral, Rectal or Axillary Underarm Body Temperature Measurement with backlit LCD display, waterproof flexible tip,test completion&fever Alarm,clinical accurate,EMT-026
Fast Reading: In as quick as 10-20 seconds, this Easy@Home EMT-026 Digital Backlit Display Fast Thermometer measures and shows your highly ACCURATE oral temperature. This thermometer can be used for rectal or armpit measurements too. ** Our Guarantee- We are so confident that you will love this product that we offer a 1 years Hassle Free PRODUCT REPLACEMENT Guarantee. **
✔ CLINICALLY High Accuracy: ±0.2ºF in range of 95.9 F-107.6 F. Measures Body Temperature to 1/10th of a degree precision (e.g. 97.1 F) in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
✔ 3-Color Backlit Large LCD display to indicate temperature range for easy to read. Memorize the last 10 temperature measurements
✔ FLEXIBLE TIP and WATERPROOF design: Easy and safe to use and clean. One button operation.
✔ Fever Alarm and measuring completion alert, Automatic self-test. Auto shut-off and low battery indicator
The Easy@Home EMT-026 is a deluxe, reliable and clinically accurate thermometer for everyday home use. It is designed to make oral, axillary or rectal temperature taking quick and easy. Oral temperature may be ready in as quick as 10-20 seconds.
Large Backlit Display
The large backlit display is easy for you to read even in the dark.
FeverlineTM Technology:
The EMT-026 flawlessly combines Feverline techonology to provide a comprehensive fever alert system. Upon finding a temperature in the fever range, an alarm will beep to indicate the abnormality. Along with this alarm, the display will change colors to show the severity of the fever. With the audio and visual alarms, you won¡¯t miss detecting a fever!
Waterproof Flexible Tip:
The waterproof flexible tip makes the temperature taking comfortable and safe. Also, it makes the cleaning the tip easily by just wiping or rinsing.
- Measures your body temperature fast. Measure oral temperature in as quick as 10-20 SECONDs.
- FeverlineTM alerts for
Clinically High Accuracy
Feverline techonology
Fast reading
Safe to use with flexible tip
Audio Completion Alert
Easy to clean with Waterproof design
Easy to read large backlit display
Memorizes 10 most recent recordings

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