#blackswansunshades Car Window Sun Shade Deluxe 4 Piece Travel Kit Bundle: 2X Universal Fit Side Window Baby Sun Shades + WindShield Sun Shade + Rear Window Sun Shade - Protect Your Baby Pets From UV Rays -Bonus GIFT Inc

#blackswansunshades Car Window Sun Shade Deluxe 4 Piece Travel Kit Bundle: 2X Universal Fit Side Window Baby Sun Shades + WindShield Sun Shade + Rear Window Sun Shade - Protect Your Baby Pets From UV Rays -Bonus GIFT Inc

This is a great car kit. It has everything you want, as far as protecting the inside of your car and your passengers. I don't know why the side window protectors were elastic bags, but they work. I am using this one to keep the sun from ruining the inside of the car, while I let it set. I'll be restoring it in the Summer. I put the side window protectors in the front windows, since it's not going to be moving. It was easy to install the front window cover. The rear window cover was a little more difficult. You have to use the clamps on the suction cups to clamp the outside of the rear window screen, and then you can put it up. You should probably get the cups wet first. The side window covers should keep you from burning your arms in the back seats. Make sure not to put them on the front / side windows, so you don't block the operator from side view. You can see threw these side window covers and rear window screen. I think they work very well.

I received this item for free, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

 SET OF 4 SHADES Bundle: 2 Side Window SunShade Socks, 1 Windshield Sun Shade & 1 Rear Window Shade
UNIVERSAL FIT & EASY TO INSTALL: Strong stretch mesh fabric when fitted creates a double mesh layer
FOLDABLE REAR SUN SHADE: All you need is a quick twist to fold and store in free pouch included
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Each sunshade is durable easy to use and made to a premium quality
BONUS GIFT: Non-Slip Mat to use on your dashboard to stop things from moving around

Black Swan Premiums Car Shade Deluxe Bundle are lightweight products and quick to install in nearly any vehicle, if you're traveling with pets or kids of any age this car sun shade bundle is a must-have. Whether it's a long drive or a quick trip to the mall, protect your child, pet and your vehicle from overheating when the sun is out - the build up from the sun's heat and glare is more than uncomfortable its straight up annoying! During Falls bright low sun and Winter when the sun and light are reflecting off snow, it can still be uncomfortable! Instead of a tint job this set is the easy answer and transferable between vehicles, in just seconds, as the side shades don't have annoying suction caps allowing the cool breeze in while considerably reducing suns glare and heat and keeping bugs out too. The sun's rays glaring through your car window and on average, creates a huge temperature difference from the outside to the inside of your car. Our Shades protect your interior from effects of the sunlight too. Black Swan Premiums Deluxe Sunshade Bundle protects & prevents these harmful ultraviolet rays from overheating and burning your precious baby and pets. Benefits: - 4 pieces Car Sun Shade included in Deluxe Bundle - Side Shades offer Dual-layer mesh protection for best effective sun protection - instant cooling effect for interior of your car - Side Sun Shades cover the whole side windows - easy installation and removal with no clings, no suction caps for Front & Side - Rear windows can be lowered when Side shades are in use to improve airflow - Rear windows can be lowered dramatically improves air flow within your car - protection from bugs when rear windows are open - enhanced privacy in the car due to tint effect - fits well over the window frames of most car models. Please check with guide on window sizes in listing to ensure best compatible fit. Also a perfect gift for new moms and dads! Click "Add to Cart" to order your Deluxe Sun Shade bundle today.

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