Big Ant Car Hooks with Indicator Light Vehicle #CarHooks

These make traveling safer. Hanging clothes in the window is dangerous. These devices allow you to hang things behind your seat. If you just hang things on the posts for the head rest, they will fall off, or move around. Hanging things on these seems more secure. The built in lights can be quickly removed and used in case of emergency, as long as the battery is still charged. They are very simple to install. The button on the bottom is for the flash light, and the button on top is for the blue indicator light. To install simply twist the cover on the top, after putting it on the post for your head rest, and it will lock in place. To remove you just slide the top cover again. Best of all these don't take up any room in your car. Anyone who travels with suits, or other clothing on hangers, needs one of these to keep the wrinkles out, and you never know when you might need the lights for emergencies, so make sure those batteries are charged. These would make a great stocking suffer for Christmas.

I was given these items for free to give an honest and unbiased review.

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