#BluetoothSpeakerswithBicycleClipandSuctionCupBase Bluetooth Speakers with Bicycle Clip and Suction

#BluetoothSpeakerswithBicycleClipandSuctionCupBase Bluetooth Speakers with Bicycle Clip and Suction Cup Base

It's perfect for riding on your bike and listening to music. It's right in your face on the handle bars, and plenty loud to cancel out everything else, while still being able to listen to what's going on around you. I was amazed that the buttons allow you to control everything from the speaker. Just poking + & - allows you to switch tracks, while holding them down changes the volume. Of course the call button lets you answer calls like it says, Mute, and Power... The retro design matches my bike perfectly. The one I got is Strawberry Gold, not just Gold. It still looks awesome with my old retro bike though. I'm saving this item, to use on my bike. I'm not giving this away. Oh, and there's some Asian voice that comes on, letting you know when the speaker is ready to be paired via Bluetooth, when it's paired... It has that MicroSD card in the back, and I might have to try that out some time. I wish I could plug it in while it's on the bike, but the mount blocks that. The nut didn't want to go into the mount either, I had to put it in a vice, in order to get the nut to go into the mount. If I were the manufacturer, I would have the nut already installed, and not in the plastic bag, that way it can't fall anywhere. Once I got the nut in the mount, everything was almost too good to be true. I wish it was made in the USA.

I got this item for free, in exchange for an honest review.

STUNNING SOUND QUALITY: Enjoy music in the full-bodied stereo realized through the 5W high-performance acoustic driver. Support TF card to play the "lossless" music format like FLAC. In the same price range, Uchoir is the most competitive speaker that provides the most exceptional sound quality both indoor and outdoor
BICYCLE MOUNTING CONVENIENCE: The unique bicycle clip design can mount the speaker to your bike easily, quickly and firmly and let you enjoy music while cycling outdoors
STICK TO SMOOTH WALL: Four small and brilliant suction cups can let you stick this speaker to any smooth wall in kitchen, bathroom or office etc; For instance, you can enjoy music while taking a shower in the bathroom
FAST CHARGE AND LONG PLAY TIME: Built-in 1500mA Rechargeable Battery for up to 8-12 hours of playtime after a one-hour quick charge
MULTIFUNCTIONAL BLUETOOTH TECH: Instantly connect any Bluetooth device from up to 33 feet (10m) away; Easy to pair with voice prompts- No code/pin needed; Built-in microphone for hands-free speaker phone calling

● Speaker: 40mm/5W
● Signal-to-Noise: more than 90dB
● Frequency Response:90Hz-20KHz
● Battery Capacity:1500mAh

Package include:
● 1 x Wireless Speaker
● 1 x Charge Cable
● 1 x Clip for Bicycle
● 1 x Suction Cup Base
● 1 x User Manual

Within the decomposition of the product, modification, or failure caused by improper construction not covered by this guarantee range.

About Ustellar:
● Ustellar is a company focusing on creating the best light and sound experience via constantly pursuing high quality and endless innovation.

● Our mission is to make your life stellar both indoor and outdoor by our products and services.  

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