#Tedgembikeclockblue Philonext Bike Lock Cable 4 Digits Combination Cable Lock with LED Light Mounting Bracket Ultimate Protection Braided Steel & Components

 #Tedgembikeclockblue Philonext Bike Lock Cable 4 Digits Combination Cable Lock with LED Light Mounting Bracket Ultimate Protection Braided Steel & Components

This lock is a very good lock (not a clock, some info said it was a bike clock ???). The light works out of the box, and so does everything else. I had to unscrew the bike mount, make sure it was tight, and screw it on. I also had to unscrew the mount that goes around the cable, that keeps it on the bike mount, and screw that back together as well. You will need a Philips screw driver. I had to use the lock itself to set the code. A pocket knife doesn't seem to work, maybe a large standard screw driver, but all you need is the lock itself to set the code. Once the code was set, using the lock was very easy. The lock looks tough, and it should keep the bike safe if used correctly. I'm pretty sure it's made in China.

I received this item for free, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

 LED ILLUMINATION - No need to carry a flashlight to lock up thanks to integrated high powered 4 digits LED illumination. No struggle to see the codes in the dark.
KEYS UNNECESSARY - With just a simple combo to remember, you will not have the issue of desperately search for lost keys. Resettable: Easy to reset and personalize your own number combination.
SECURE AND EASY-TO-USE. Thick, tough, and flexible 12mm woven steel cable is difficult to cut. This drill-resistant, shock-resistant & water-resistant design is the most secure & easy-to-use thanks to resettable secret codes, LED illumination, simple lock/unlock and its flexibility.
EASY TRANSPORTATION - Frame mounted lock carrier for easy transportation.
SUPER PRACTICAL - With this LED combination lock for your added protection & convenience. Great for storage units, gates, sheds, moving trucks, campers, trailers and much more; Suitable for bicycles, skateboards, gates & fences, grills & lawnmowers, sports equipment, tool boxes & ladders.

 The water resistant lock housing offers pick and drill resistant security, With the built in LED light, the combination digits illuminate to ensure you can see and set the combination in low light levels.This Bike Lock Combo pack is everything you need to secure your valuable bike wherever you are.


Resettable: Easy to set your own personalized number combination.
Integrated 4 Digit LED Illuminated Combination with resettable combination lock and indexed number dials for error-free combination setting. You won't need to carry a key or a flashlight to lock up.
Thick, tough, and flexible 12mm military grade Braided steel cable is difficult to cut and easy to loop through your front wheel and frame
Self-coiling cable is light, compact and easy to store
Includes a frame mounted carry bracket to ensure your lock conveniently travels with you at all times.


Cable dimension: 3 feet long/12mm diameter
Weight: approx. 370 gram / 13.1 oz (lock only)
Battery: (used for LED illumination) two A76/LR44 button batteries

How to Set

The original is 0-0-0,To set your own combination,please follow these steps:
1. Open the lock,pull up the reset button Rotate 90 °.
2. Turn the number dials to your desired combination and make sure the numbers are on the Index Line.
3. Turn the reset button back. Then the setting is completed.

How to use

1.Dial your passwords to the Index line,press button pull the cable pop-up,the lock is open.
2.Insert the cable back into the lock housing,turn the dials to scramble the numbers,then the lock is closed.

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