#Earphones Wooden-audio EP005 Wooden Earphones with Mic Rosewood In-ear Headphones Earbuds with Microphone Noise Cancelling Compatible with Apple iPhone & Android Smartphones

#Earphones Wooden-audio EP005 Wooden Earphones with Mic Rosewood In-ear Headphones Earbuds with Microphone Noise Cancelling Compatible with Apple iPhone & Android Smartphones

Perfect Sound. These are very loud earphones, so turn your devices down !!! The wood looks very nice. The microphone is crystal clear, and also loud. There are no imperfections. I don't know how well the cord or plug will hold up, but everything looks good, and sounds even better. Deep tones, Clear sound. MADE IN CHINA.

I received this item for free, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    Sophisticated craft with polished wood casing offers this earbuds with a unique and sleek look.
    New-style audio units restore the original sound, good sound isolation and noise reduction effect.
    With different sized soft ear tip pieces conform to fit your ear no matter how your ear is shaped.
    The cord is wrapped in a black-and-white mesh braided fabric which adds to the beauty of the earphones.
    With built-in microphone and ONE multi-function button for seamless transition from music play to phone call.

Wood Headphones' Trend
Wooden-audio: Luxury, On the Move & In Style.
We are specialized in wood on-ear headphones, in-ear headphones and other wooden accessories.
5 exclusive production processes: wood machinery, silicone machinery, speaker driver machinery, package machinery and test machinery.

Excellent Sound. Premium stereo drivers feature perfect clear highs, dynamic mid-range and thumping bass for you to enjoy gorgeously rich and high fidelity quality sound.
Built Quality. All rosewoods are strong and heavy, taking an excellent polish. With the shiny and silky smooth texture gives the earphone such a distinguished look that indicates quality.
Compact Package. Everything is inside a cute small plastic crystal box in a very organized manner. So portable and lightweight that can be packed in the bag or pocket and carried around with you.
Original Design. Build-in microphone to make hands-free calls anytime anywhere. Multifunction button: 1 press to answer/hang up the call, or to play/stop music, 2 press for Next Track and 3 press for Previous Track.
Extensive Compatibility. Compatible with Apple and Android devices, including iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung, Nexus, HTC, LG, Nokia, Windows Phone, tablets, music players and other devices with 3.5mm auxiliary jack.

1 pair*Wooden-audio Earphone
2 pair*Different Sized Eartips

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