#childsafetylock Baby, Child, Toddler Safety Lock | Secure, Baby Proof Drawer, Cabinet, Appliances, Fridge & more with NO Drilling required | Universal Adjustable Flexible Strap.

#childsafetylock  Baby, Child, Toddler Safety Lock | Secure, Baby Proof Drawer, Cabinet, Appliances, Fridge & more with NO Drilling required | Universal Adjustable Flexible Strap.

At first I thought this product was ADULT PROOF. I had a hard time opening the box, but once I got to the item, things started to make sense. I tried sliding the lock open several times, and eventually I figured out you have to pull straight out, 90 degrees away from the mounting surface. It should provide a challenge for your kids. The strap is adjustable as well. I think these would work well for securing fridges, freezers, and doors, especially if you keep them out of reach.

I received this item for free, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    QUICK & EASY INSTALLATION : No tools required. Simply clean the desired surface area, peal the 3M adhesive cover and fix the latch.
    ADJUSTABLE : Latch can be adjusted or cut to fit various length allowing use at even tight spaces.
    FLEXIBLE & DURABLE : Latch can be flexed and work around corners. Hence giving the latch its MULTI-PURPOSE use.
    STRONG : Adhesive provides strong and secure hold yet easy to remove without damaging the applied surface. Latch is strong plastic yet flexible.
    COOL & STYLISH : Looks great on stainless steel and white surfaces. Ideal as Baby Shower gift etc.

Spread LOVE to your child

As parents or caregivers, we can never under emphasised the issue of safety in our homes; what more when we have babies or toddlers. We do not want to put them at any risk.

Babies & toddlers are ever so curious. At this early age, they are in their learning stage so they will try to discover their world. Store away their toys and they will keep looking for them. Store your stuffs away in drawers or cabinets and they will continue to find their way to these “new toys”.

You need a solution but your solutions seem to hinder even adults from having easy access.

Your solution is right here.


Our product hinders the young ones but not the adults from easy access.
NO drills or screwdrivers or screws needed to fix this lock. Hence no damage.
Use our quick & easy manual to help you install the lock in a jiffy.

Where to use this?

    Use the product on whatever your creative mind feels like securing.
    Use it at your home.
    Use it at your parents homes.
    Give it to friends who have young kids at home.
    Give it to your neighbors.
    Cool packaging make it ideal as gifts.

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