#cakestand Ohuhu Aluminium Alloy Cake Turntable 12 Inch Revolving Rotating Cake Decorating Stand, Elegant White

#cakestand Ohuhu Aluminium Alloy Cake Turntable 12 Inch Revolving Rotating Cake Decorating Stand, Elegant White

This is a finely made Aluminum Cake Stand. The Turntable spins very smoothly, and the rubber mat makes it stay firm, and it makes it easy to clean. Make sure to clean it before using it. It was packaged very well, and protected during shipment.

I received this item for free, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

 SAFE:FDA approved aluminium alloy revolving cake stand
SMOOTH ROTATION: Stainless steel bearings make for smooth rotation
HOLDS 11 INCHES: 12 inch platform in diameter, 4.5 inch tall
STABLE NON-SLIP SURFACE:Non-slip surface on top of the platform to keep cake in place while you decorate, 7.3 inch in diameter base to keep stability on countertops
EASY TO CLEAN:Easy-to-clean polish plate is perfect for cake decoration

Decorate professional-looking cakes and desserts in the comfort of your home with Ohuhu's Revolving Cake Stand. Stabilized, non-slip surface and base helps to keep cake and revolving stand locked in place. Designed with stainless steel bearings, this stand allows for easy and smooth rotations. Feel a peace of mind while using, knowing that our stand is crafted with food grade material and is FDA approved.

-Package dimension: 14.4"x14"x7.1"
-Product weight: 2,483g/5.5lbs
-Material: Aluminum alloy

Package Includes:
-1 x Revolving Cake Stand
-1 x Warranty Card

Seller Warranty:
12-Month Replacement Warranty
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Lifetime Support Guarantee

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