#GYMLIFEFITNESS Professional Patellar Tendon Strap by Gym Life Runner's & Jumper's Knee Strap - Patella Strap Eases Tendinitis Pain & Knee Joint Pain with Maximum Knee Support, Knee Support Bands 1 Pack

 #GYMLIFEFITNESS Professional Patellar Tendon Strap by Gym Life Runner's & Jumper's Knee Strap - Patella Strap Eases Tendinitis Pain & Knee Joint Pain with Maximum Knee Support, Knee Support Bands 1 Pack

It definitely takes stress off your knee. I don't know anything really about these things, but when I tried it I noticed the difference. This should help people who have overworked their Patellar Tendon, and are looking to continue physical activities. The packaging, and product look very good.

I received this item for free, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

 Gym Life®'s Professional Patellar Tendon Strap makes exercise and daily movements enjoyable and ultra-comfortable.
The Gym Life Patella strap features a high quality heavy foam insert and adjustable neoprene Velcro strap for extra comfort and free mobility.
Runner's and Jumper's Knee strap keeps you running and jumping by relieving patella pain & discomfort, including tendinitis and chondromalacia.
Knee Support Bands provide better SUPPORT, COMFORT, and MOBILITY with unique winged design. Special moisture-wicking material keeps you dry and comfortable all day long.
GUARANTEED TO WORK - We stand behind the effectiveness and quality of our products - If you aren't satisfied for any reason, simply return it for a full refund.

The Gym Life Professional Patellar Tendon Brace Makes Running & Jumping More Comfortable
Don't let sore knees stop you from experiencing life! The Patella Knee Strap by Gym Life Fitness will help relieve your knee pain and protect your knees from further injury. You no longer have to sacrifice mobility to experience pain relief. The Patella Jumper's knee band works by applying firm pressure and support to the patellar tendon.
Whether you're using this knee strap for high compact activities or just walking around the house, simply strap on under or over your clothing and go on with your day.

Universal Fit & Improved Winged Design Allows for Easy Customized Comfort & Support
The Patellar Tendon Band fits all sizes, from 18cm-42cm (7"-16"), and is incredibly easy to use. Simply Velcro on and you're done!

Relieves, Strengthens, and Protects
The Gym Life® Patellar Tendon Support brace first applies pressure to relieve your knee & joint pain, second strengthens your knee and joints with the firm support of our new winged design, and finally protects your knee and joints from further damage with the supportive yet free-moving nylon material.

The Gym Life® Fitness Patella Promise
We love hearing the incredible effect our product is having on runners, sports enthusiasts, and jumper's everywhere. From being able to walk without pain, to performing in major sports activities, this product truly performs the way it is intended - helping you be active again!
We firmly stand behind the Gym Life® Jumper's Knee Support, which is why we offer a hassle free 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you any reason you aren't satisfied, return it for a full refund.
Order your premium moisture wicking patella bands today to relieve, strengthen, and protect YOUR knees.

Included: One Patellar knee support bands made of neoprene, nylon, spandex, Velcro, and cotton.

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