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PaintFun 24 Piece Face Paint Body Paint Glitter Party Pack Paints over 60 Faces Child Safe FDA Approved PFFPK01

 PaintFun 24 Piece Face Paint Body Paint Glitter Party Pack Paints over 60 Faces Child Safe FDA Approved PFFPK01 http://a.co/b30DDSI

Perfect for people of all ages. Easy to use. Great colors. You can create anything you can think of. Everything you need to make your idea come alive.

 KIDS WILL HAVE HOURS OF FUN! There's nothing like face-painting and body-painting to keep kids occupied and having good clean fun for hours on end! This kit has FUN written all over it - instead of on your walls! Kids paint on each other, and it washes off with soap and water! Nothing could be easier and more fun for the kids!
KIT COMES WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED! The Mega Party Pack Kit is perfect for each and every time you have kids around who want to have FUN! If it's a birthday party, or just a slumber party, kids LOVE face-painting! Now you'll be able to provide them with everything they need - all in one convenient kit!
10 COLORS OF PAINT, 2 BODY GLITTER POTS, AND MORE! When kids are getting creative, don't forget to have LOTS of paint, glitter, and crayons around! This kit gives you plenty. Plus, you get the special sponge applicators that make face-painting so easy and less messy than finger-painting!
TOTALLY SAFE, FDA-APPROVED; GENTLE ON SKIN! Don't be tempted by cheaper, inferior non-safe paints! We wouldn't sell anything we wouldn't use on our own children's skin. That's why you can use this product with confidence, knowing that the ingredients were laboratory-tested by the FDA and approved for use by the general public. You have nothing to worry about. It's all hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Perfectly safe for kids!
100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE OF SATISFACTION! If for ANY reason you or your kids aren't completely thrilled with the hours of total fun you'll get with the Mega Party Pack face and body paint kit, then just send it back to us within 30 days and we'll refund every penny you paid! No questions asked, no hard feelings either! This way, all the risk is on our shoulders, not yours!

Do you have little ones - ages 3 and up - who just love to be creative with paints, crayons, and markers? If so, you know that it can give those hours of entertaining fun. But there's nothing more fun than when kids get their faces painted as their favorite cartoon character or superhero! It’s really an important part of the imagination-growth process for young children! And now, thanks to this special body-and-face-paint kit, you can give your children what they crave! Plus, it saves you the clean-up mess - because all you have to do is give your children a bath, and the paint is gone! Our mega party pack kit features 10 bright, vivid colors that easily mix to form the most amazing face paint combinations you've ever seen! Plus, we've added 2 body glitter pots for added "special effects" and the "glamour" look that kids today love. (Think Kardashian... Or try not to.) It all washes off easily because it's water-based and 100% safe and non-toxic. It's been given FDA approval for use on children's skin, so you know there's nothing to worry about. Even if your children have sensitive skin or allergies, this body and face paint is widely recognized as the best alternative to other brands of paint that can cause rashes and irritation. The mega party pack body and face paint kit is your solution to the age-old complaint: "we're bored." Click 'add to basket' and buy one or more today - and make sure you're prepared when major fun is needed at a moment's notice.

Product Dimensions     9 x 7 x 1 inches
Item Weight     4 ounces
Shipping Weight     5.6 ounces

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