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MeasuPro Instant Read Internal Meat Thermometer Stainless Steel Probe Digital Thermometer Oven Cooking Grilling Programmed USDA recommendations Large

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This is a great product. It's IDIOT proof, as long as you don't burn yourself, or stab yourself with the probe. Turn it on, select your meat, follow the instructions, hook up the probe, put the probe in the meat, keep the white part with the magnets and screen outside the oven / heat, shut the cord in the door if your using an oven... and you can even program different modes. It tells you if it's rare, done.... Too easy. Adult supervision required.

 COOK LIKE A PRO - MeasuPro cooking thermometer offers a list of meats programmed with the minimum cooking temperature. Cooking thermometer features USDA cooking recommendations for beef, turkey, pork, lamb, chicken and duck. View the video under the additional photos for complete features
ALL AROUND CONVENIENCE – Thermometer has a compact flip-top design with magnetic back, attach thermometer to oven or grill for convenience. Users can select between Celsius and Fahrenheit modes
PROGRAMMABLE OR PRESET– Program your own temperatures and be alerted when food reaches specified temperature or use one of the convenient preset options. Digital thermometer offers 4 cooking options: rare, medium rare, medium, and well done
WIDE MEASURING RANGE – Meat thermometer has a wide measuring range of 32°F to 392°F / 0°C to 200°C, useful for a variety of cooking and baking needs
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - MeasuPro is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, we offer a 2 Year Warranty on all our products and our friendly customer service team is always ready to help with all questions or issues. When you purchase a MeasuPro Food Thermometer you can be confident in your buying decision

Product Description

No More Flopped Dinners
Cook restaurant style dinners at home! The MeasuPro cooking thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking beef, chicken and much more. Quick readings and superb accuracy makes this thermometer a household essential. Use it for baking, cooking, grilling and much more

Multitask Around the Kitchen
Users are free to do other things when using this thermometer. Choose one of the preset foods and USDA cooking recommendations for rare, medium rare, medium and well done or program your own temperature. Once an option is selected you are free to do other things in the kitchen, thermometer will alert you with a beep once food reaches the specified temperature. No more being glued to the stove, oven or grill

The Perfect Gift
Stumped for a gift idea for the chef or grillmaster in your life? Look no further! Friends and family will be thrilled to receive this cool kitchen gadget. Meat thermometer is simple and easy to read making it an ideal gift for anyone

MeasuPro digital instant read thermometer comes with a 2 Year Warranty

Product Information
Product Dimensions     4.5 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches
Item Weight     3.8 ounces

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