#digihandy 5000 sqft 5in1 Pest Repellent triple protection pest repeller ultrasonic electromagnetic repeller ionic pest repeller ultrasonic pest repeller AC socket Nightlight Air Purifier


#digihandy 5000 sqft 5in1 Pest Repellent triple protection pest repeller ultrasonic electromagnetic repeller ionic pest repeller ultrasonic pest repeller AC socket Nightlight Air Purifier   https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01F2EZSIC

I was amazed that I couldn't hear this thing. I will be super happy if it drives out all the bugs. Having the extra side plug, night light, and air filter is great. Easy to install, and use.

 WORLD'S FIRST 5 IN 1 PEST REPELLER: - DigiHandy pest repellent is worlds first ultrasonic pest repeller that not only has ultrasonic but also electromagnetic and ionic technologies to give you triple protection against PEST. This unique design also has side socket to plug in any additional device, built in air purifier and very useful led nightlight which has light control sensor.
DRIVES AWAY ANTS, SPIDERS,MOSQUITOES, BUGS, MICE, RODENTS, ROACHES: - Ultrasonic pest repeller is an unique electronic pest repeller that is effective against all insects,mice and rodents. The triple power ultrasonic, electromagnetic and ionic waves drive ants, spiders, mosquitoes, bugs, roaches,mice and rodents away from your home instantly. Completely chemical free, no need for poison, chemical spray/powders or setting up nasty traps.
MASSIVE 5000 SQ FT COVERAGE: - These attractive looking ultrasonic pest repellents drives away all insects, mice and rodents in 5000 Sqft radius. Other ultrasonic pest repellent in the market covers 100 to 200 sqm area only, which means you will need 3 or 4 sets for the whole house, while with igadge pest repeller ultrasonic range, you only need one set to make your house completely pest proof.
ENERGY EFFICIENT AND USER FRIENDLY: - DigiHandy electromagnetic pest repeller protects your home in a non-toxic way, completely harmless to pets and children. No annoying noise and very easy to operate. Separate light indicators for ultrasonic,electromagnetic and ionic function. Light control sensor adjusts nightlight automatically. Designed to use very low electricity and works independently without having any effect on your computer, TV,radio or any other electrical device.
100% LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: - We are so confident in this world's 1st 5in1 pest repellent that we are offering 100% lifetime guarantee, just contact us for assistance. PROMOTIONAL SALE NOW. BUY 2 OR MORE AND SAVE UPTO 21%. COUPON BELOW!

Technical Details
Color     Black
Item Dimensions     2 x 2 x 5 inches
Manufacturer Part Number     5in1-pestblack-6.85
Model Number     5in1-pestblack-6.85
Package Quantity     1
Shipping Weight     0.4 pounds
UNSPSC Code     10191500
Product Description


Gone are the days where you had to use pest repellent like traps, poison or toxic chemicals to get rid of pest problems at your home, which are not only unhygienic but also dangerous to small children and Pets .

Electronic Pest Repeller is a Perfect Solution!

- Repels all types of PEST using electromagnetic, ultrasonic and ionic waves

- Chemical free, perfect hygienic solution

- Safe for home with pets and children

- Reusable, unlike traditional pest repeller

So are there any problems?

Yes, there are many problems which have led customers losing confidence in ultrasonic pest repellers. These includes:

- Ultrasonic, electromagnetic or ionic waves not working.

- Doesn’t have enough sqft range to cover entire house

- Each pest repeller ultrasonic takes one electric socket, which remains unavailable for other devices.

- Poorly construction.

- Uses too much electricity

Is very hard to use.

Why are DigiHandy ultrasonic pest repellers any different?

- Has three level protection in one device (Ultrasonic, electromagnetic, ionic)

- One igadge ultrasonic pest repellent covers 5000 sqft, one set is enough for the whole average size house.

- Has built in side socket for you to plug any other device.

- Has built in Air Purifier

- Comes with LED nigh light with light control sensor.

- Advanced technology ensures it last a lifetime.

- Specially designed to be energy efficient

- Very simple to use with easy to follow instructions

- Comes with lifetime guarantee.

Try for 4 wks, if you are not satisfied, just let us know and we will send you a complete refund.

The risk is on us to deliver, all you have to do is try it! Click "Add to Cart" NOW and try this amazing electromagnetic pest repeller, RISK FREE!!!

Product Information
Product Dimensions     5 x 2 x 2 inches
Item Weight     5 ounces
Shipping Weight     6.4 ounces

Manufacturer     igadge

Item model number     5in1-pestblack-6.85

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