#Spidor Universal Smartphone Bike Mount by Spidor 360 Degree Rotate GPS Device Securely Attach iPhones Samsung LG HTC Sony Red+Black FREE BONUS 2 Flashing LED Blue Lights

 #Spidor Universal Smartphone Bike Mount by Spidor 360 Degree Rotate GPS Device Securely Attach iPhones Samsung LG HTC Sony Red+Black FREE BONUS 2 Flashing LED Blue Lights https://amzn.com/B01DF3W68W

Fits perfectly. The Blue LED Lights work well too, but had no instructions. You must take appart the blue lights and remove paper before they will work. They are motion activated. The phone holder is great.

    TAKE ADVANTAGE OF GPS NAVIGATION while on your bike! With this mounting device, you can easily attach your smartphone to your bicycle or motorcycle and use its GPS app for navigation.
    FITS MOST BICYCLES AND MOTORCYCLES, attaching securely to the handlebars. The phone is held securely as well, with the side grips and silicone gripping band ensuring it will stay in place even on bumpy rides. stable enough to take photos when riding. Your phone can also be removed in only seconds. Easy installation and removal, no tools required.
    ONCE ATTACHED TO YOUR HANDLEBARS, the angle of your phone can be adjusted and locked for optimum viewing 360 degree rotate. You'll have full access to the screen and to all the controls of your phone without removing it from the mount. Two sizes of screws are including.
    FITS VIRTUALLY ALL SMARTPHONES, including larger devices such as the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Many dedicated GPS devices will also fit.
    WORKS WITH MANY STATIONARY EXERCISE bikes as well. big mount lock universal for bicycle handlebar in diameter 0.7 to 1.49 inch. Holder width range: 1.97- 3.3inch( diameter 18 to 38mm. Holder width range: 50-85mm). Made of ABS/Silicone. Watch movies and videos or read an eBook while you a work out on a stationary bike! (Requires an exercise machine with non-moving handlebars.)

Product Description

Bring GPS navigation to your bike
The convenience and safety of GPS navigation doesn't have to be just for cars. By easily mounting your smartphone on your bicycle or motorcycle, you can have Google Maps or other apps give you turn-by-turn directions to guide you to your destination. With the Spidor smartphone bike mount on your handlebars, you can slip your phone into the holder in moments, and it will be held securely in place for your ride. This mount is designed to work with virtually all smartphones. It allows you to adjust and lock the rotation and angle of the phone for best visibility, and gives you full access to the screen and other controls. The combination of rubber-lined side grips and the stretchy, resilient silicone butterfly band looped over the four corners of your phone ensure that it will stay in place and attached to your bike, even on the bumpiest rides. Not only smartphones, but also many dedicated GPS devices will fit into this mount, so often you'll be able to take the GPS device you use in your car (with all of its saved addresses and locations), and pop it into your bike. Of course, GPS isn't the only thing a smartphone might be used for while on a bike. Other possible uses include listening to music through your phone's speakers while you ride, or using the camera to record a "dash cam" video of a trip.

NEVER use your phone for any purpose where it could distract you while you're in motion on your bike. Always come to a complete stop in a safe location before using any on-screen or other controls on your phone.

Free gift!
The Spidor smartphone bike mount comes with a free pair of flashing LED blue lights that you can attach to the valve stems of your tires. These colored lights come on automatically while your bike is in motion, creating a spinning light effect. Great for extra visibility to supplement your usual safety lights, and for adding some cool bling to your bike!

Product Information
Product Dimensions     9.4 x 6 x 2.2 inches
Item Weight     0.2 ounces
Shipping Weight     1.3 pounds

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