#promotion 6 Piece Knife Set with Square Stand by El Perfecto Kitchen - Royal Class Stainless Steel Blades & Steel Stand - 8" Chef Slicing, & Bread 5" Utility & 3.5" Paring Knives + 30 Day Guarantee

 #promotion 6 Piece Knife Set with Square Stand by El Perfecto Kitchen - Royal Class Stainless Steel Blades & Steel Stand - 8" Chef Slicing, & Bread 5" Utility & 3.5" Paring Knives + 30 Day Guarantee https://amzn.com/B01GBTB7LO

The Knife set is awesome, The knife blades are hollow, and the knives stick to magnets. They are very sharp and packed very well. I got two Chef's Knives, and no bread knife, but they are still awesome.

 • COMPLETE CONTEMPORARY KNIFE SET by El Perfecto Kitchen contains an eight inch Chef Knife, eight inch Slicing Knife, eight inch Bread Knife; five inch Utility Knife, and three-point-five inch Paring Knife in a matching steel square stand that allows you to select the perfect knife for every cutting task; dimensions are fourteen-point-two inches by seven-point-one inches by six-point-seven inches; arrives in a gift box with a carry handle;
• MADE OF THE BEST MATERIALS with premium Royal Class stainless steel and masterful craftsmanship that put these knives on a level with the cutlery used by professional chefs; their excellence will make them a fine addition to the home kitchen for years to come; rust-free, the razor-sharp blades are best if hand washed and hand dried, avoiding being placed in the dishwasher;
• UNIQUELY DESIGNED with hollow handles that have concave bumps on its sides, the knives provide comfort and balance so you can make precision cuts quickly and easily; without the extra weight of a solid handle, your hands will experience less strain for long-term comfort;
• CONTEMPORARY HOLDER of a sleek, modern stand that is shaped like a square complements any kitchen décor; the five designated slots on top for specific knives hold them securely in place; a square base keeps the stand stable and upright, nicely decorating any kitchen counter;
• THIRTY DAY GUARANTEE and FAST DELIVERY as orders are processed and shipped the same day they are received; the no-hassle return policy lets you try the product with confidence; if there are any concerns or questions within thirty days, please contact El Perfecto Kitchen immediately

Are you looking for a quality contemporary knife set?


This set of 5 knives with a square steel stand is the answer!


Whether slicing bread, peeling delicate fruits, chopping vegetables, or slicing cuts of meat, you will get a flawless & precise cut every time.

Designed to be rust-resistant, easy to clean, & long-lasting, these professional kitchen knives are tough & incredibly sharp.

The highly refined, razor-sharp blades are made from 420 grade 3Cr14 stainless steel, which consists of 13% chromium & 3% carbon.

The aerodynamic hollow handles with concave bumps provide a comfortable curved grip so they can be swiftly wielded to accomplish masterful cuts.

When not in use, the knives are safely & stylishly kept on display in a square stand which complements the gleaming steel knives.

Food preparation is effortlessly completed in half the time, allowing more time & attention on other aspects of creating a flavorful, tasty meal.

What is Included?

1 8” Chef Knife
1 8” Slicing Knife
1 8” Bread Knife
1 5” Utility Knife
1 3.5” Paring Knife
1 Stand
1 Gift Box with Carry Handle

Unit Dimensions: 14.2 x 7.1 x 6.7inches

This collection of beautiful knives in a square stand matches any contemporary kitchen décor!

We offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee so please contact us immediately if you are not happy.

Click the ADD TO CART button to get EL PERFECTO KITCHEN’S 6 PIECE KNIFE SET & start cutting the right way!

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