Travel High Chair Portable High Chair Toddler Safety Harness Shopping Cart Safety Strap Winner of 3

Travel High Chair Portable High Chair Toddler Safety Harness Shopping Cart Safety Strap Winner of 3 AWARDS Mom's Choice Preferred Choice Family Choice! Space-Saver High Chair-Great for Travel Home-Black

Works great.

 About the Product

    Small apartment, traveling, or just eating out? This is an excellent space saver high chair because it fits on most chairs (no booths or stools please). Turn baby into a "portable baby" and use as portable high chair for babies or as a toddler chair at home, in restaurants or at grandma's house. This is a portable infant high chair that you can keep in your purse, (it's that small), which means you are always ready.
    Super easy to use and clean up - simply strap on and place baby/ toddler in a chair. Adjust straps to ensure your child is secured. Wipe away light spills or wash in your washing machine for tougher stains. The ability to get this baby harness on and clean it easily, is a great advantage for when you're traveling, at an amusement park or a restaurant. Great to use all year round because the fabric is light & breathable, so no worries about heat rashes when using this toddler harness.
    It's the perfect travel harness because if you're traveling with kids, who has space for big, bulky travel chairs. Traveling abroad? High chairs and shopping cart safety straps are not standard features globally so take your own travel high chair. Walking through crowded airports? You're going to need a safety harness to keep your kid(s) close. Or, if you're flying and you didn't pay for a seat, strap your toddler to you. It's a great all rounder and a must have if you are traveling with kids.
    Yochi Yochi is versatile because you can use it as a portable high chair/ travel high chair, or grocery cart safety strap, or it's extremely useful to use as a toddler harness for when you are at theme parks and you want to give your kid the freedom to walk around, but stay safe and within reach. Plus it grows with your child because you can use it from the time they are 6 months, all the way to 5 years.
    Buy 2 (1 for the car or for grandma's house), and get $5 off the second Yochi Yochi - no coupon needed, simply add to your cart and Amazon automatically discounts. Scroll down and see this promotion under "Special Offers and Product Promotions". Also scroll down and see the description for more information of how Yochi Yochi will make your life as a parent EASIER. Yochi Yochi comes with a 100%, No Questions Asked - Money Back Guarantee.

Product Description
Color:Swifty Black

Your search for the perfect Portable High Chair has ended. Looking for a Toddler Harness or Shopping Cart Safety Strap? Your search for that is over too because you've found an indispensable accessory, that fits into the palm of your hand, PLUS it's Really EASY TO USE.
What's so special about Yochi Yochi?

- It turn most chairs (no stools or booths), into a Portable High Chair. No need to buy expensive high chairs that take up a lot of space - Yochi Yochi is like a space saver high chair. It's small & portable - keep one at grandma's house or in the car for when you go to restaurants;

- It's light and breathable;

- Cleans super easy. A wipe will do but for tougher stains, it's washer friendly;

- Quality Manufactured & Durable - use it over and over again, from one kid to the next;

- Taking a trip? Use it as a travel high chair. In congested areas like airports, keep your kids close by strapping on a Yochi Yochi. It keeps them within arms reach, but allows them the freedom to walk by themselves. Traveling internationally? High Chairs & Grocery Cart Safety Straps do not come standard - Yochi Yochi keeps you prepared, and is indispensable for travel because it fills so many needs;

- Worried about those iffy straps on the grocery carts? Yochi Yochi is a shopping cart safety strap that ensures your child stays secure. (20,000+ kids are treated for shopping cart injuries, each yr);

- Yochi Yochi fully supports baby’s torso and grows with your child (up to 5 yrs) - max. chest/ tummy size up to 25.5";

- You have to drag along so much stuff, just to be prepared. With Yochi Yochi, you get 3-in-1!

Yochi Yochi has won 3 Parenting Awards, including 2014 Mom's Choice Award. You’ll agree, Yochi Yochi IS the best portable high chair / travel high chair / toddler harness / shopping cart safety harness you can find, and it comes with a MANUFACTURER'S MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Order now. You’re gonna love it!

Product Information
Color: Swifty Black
Technical Details
Item Weight 3.2 ounces
Product Dimensions 6.1 x 5.6 x 2.8 inches
UPC 617353147711
Item model number Yochi-Yochi
Care instructions Machine washable with like colors; wash in laundry net to protect buckles, Do not bleach, Close Velcro strap to protect other clothes
Additional product features 3-in-1 Safety harness, Portable High Chair, Walking Harness, Grocery cart safety strap
Best uses portable high chair high chair grocery cart safety strap walking harness

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